How To Cultivate A Positive And Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset

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How to Cultivate a Positive and Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset

Summary: It's tough to be an entrepreneur. You're constantly facing challenges and obstacles, and it can be hard to stay positive when things are going wrong. ⁣

⁣Not only is it tough to be an entrepreneur, but it's also easy to feel like you're the only one who is struggling. When you're feeling down, it's tough to maintain a positive attitude and keep your business moving forward. ⁣

⁣Cultivating a successful entrepreneurial mindset is achievable for anyone. ⁣

⁣Here are my top tips for developing a positive outlook and achieving success in your business so that you can have a business of your dreams!⁣

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” 

…But what if your tribe can also ELEVATE your vibe? 

We know how much a positive and successful entrepreneurial mindset impacts your ability to be successful, but it can be challenging to develop one if you're running a business by yourself. 

You run into obstacles, you get burnt out, you take some losses…at the end of the day it can feel like you’re taking one step forward and three steps back.

And with no one by your side to keep you going through it all, it’s easy to fall into a pit of exhaustion that you can’t get out of. 

It’s time to change that, friends.

Let’s jump right into it.

As humans, but ESPECIALLY as entrepreneurs, we experience a range of emotions.

This is normal, of course, but in order for us to keep fighting the fight towards our ultimate business goals, it’s important that we develop the skills we need to elevate our vibe when it’s not quite matching with where we want to be success-wise. 

Here’s how we work on doing just that:

1. Cultivate confidence from within and without.  

cultivate confidence from within and without

We’ve all experienced the roller coaster of emotions of business. One instant we feel like we have it all together and the next we feel like we know nothing at all.

You need to cultivate your belief that you WILL be successful and make sure it’s consistent. However, sometimes our own belief isn't enough. Sometimes we just need other people around who believe in us, too. Even when we can’t manage to do it for ourselves. We need the proper support around us to make sure that when our confidence is waning, we can start leaning on somebody else to give us that much-needed boost.

2. Take risks and put yourself out there.

take risks and put yourself out there

Your entrepreneurial world is not a sphere in which to play it safe. Safety does not always lead to success. 

Risks are where the success is. 

Don't be afraid of the learning that comes along if a plan doesn't end up the way you hoped it would. Because you truly never know what might happen. But, if you have that solid foundation of confidence to stand on, you’re more willing to take the risks that you need to take.

3. Persevere. 


Staying persistent through the tough times is what makes you stronger. 

View it as a test. It’s God asking: “Is this truly what you want? If it is, then I have something great waiting for you, but I have to make sure you are committed.”

I always see these moments happen when you are in a tough time trying to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to go. This part is often the toughest, but it gets easier when you push through.

4. Let your passion shine through.

You need to know why you do what you do and why you’re passionate about it. 

Don’t forget to celebrate your wins and share them. When you do this, it creates a dopamine effect that you can’t get enough of. And you’ll start wanting more and more.

This is especially powerful when you’re part of a community. People will share their big wins and their small wins and everything in between. It’s constant celebration…and it fuels you to keep going – even when the wins aren’t your own!

let your passion shine through

5. Stay positive.

stay positive

You won’t always be able to maintain the same level of positivity and motivation throughout your journey. And that’s okay.

What’s important is that you don’t stay in those feelings. 

For example, when you feel angry, I want you to think about that feeling. You will not go from angry to happy right away, but can you move to frustration? It’s smart to have someone in your circle that can say, “You’re right to feel angry, but it isn't serving you, so let’s find a different feeling that will serve you better.”

Having a community whose sole purpose is too– 

  • Support you.
  • Inspire you.
  • Help you stay on track towards your journey of success.

…will  make all of the difference.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the recap: 

When you think about your positive mindset, how to cultivate one, and how to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to–

➡ Look at your beliefs.

➡ Take risks and put yourself out there.

➡ Persevere and be patient. 

➡ Know your why and celebrate the wins along the way! 

➡ Be positive, and if you’re not, recognize where you are and try to redirect.

If I can help your business in any way, feel free to reach out! Find some time on my schedule and let's chat!