How to Figure Out if Your Time Management is Costing You Money

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How to Figure Out If Your Time Management is Costing You Money


Do you feel like you’re busy but not productive?⁣

⁣You work hard, but it seems like nothing is getting done. Your to-do list never gets shorter and your inbox is always full. It feels like time slips by without anything to show for it. If this sounds familiar, then you'll want to listen in!⁣

Find out if your time management is costing you money in lost revenue or missed opportunities. ⁣

If it is, you'll discover that the good thing is, this can change really quickly with some serious accountability. Accountability will help keep your focus where it needs to be so that you can accomplish what matters most to YOU! ⁣

I've got just the place for you to find that accountability too!⁣

Time management will always be a hot topic. How many books have you read, courses you've taken, and podcasts you've listened to, just to help with your time management?

Well, how are you doing with it? Have your books, courses, and podcasts helped? Have you become the time management guru you've always strived to be, or do you need a little bit more work?

I have always had this suspicion that time management is an interest specifically for women entrepreneurs because our lists are never-ending! I know personally for me, I used to have multiple lists. I had a list for my family, house, business, myself, and the category of lists can go on and on.

I am an anonymous perfectionist member, a person who likes to check off those lists, is ambitious, and has a "can-do" attitude. Despite all of these attractive characteristics, they are the very things that are most likely hindering your time management. [womp, womp] 

If you can relate to this never-ending cycle of checking off boxes and sifting through lists, you need to grasp this concept because if you do, it will change how you think about and handle your time management.

Busy Does Not Make for a Good Business

Tip 1 How to Figure Out if Your Time Management is Costing You Money

We need to understand that time is our only finite resource. We can’t always find it, create it, and save it. You can put a penny in the bank and save it for tomorrow, but you can't put a minute in the bank.

We have to change our relationship with time because it's too costly. Time has the ability to take away:

  • The nuts and bolts of our business

  • Our sanity

  • Our energy

  • Our motivation

  • Our presence from our family, friends, and team.

Image for a minute - How would it feel to end each day feeling good about what you accomplished, knowing what you will achieve tomorrow, and trusting it will happen? Does it give you that sense of relief that you envision? Will your chest feel lighter? That’s an indicator that you need to keep reading, but also a promise of how refreshing these practices will be for you.

Three Ways Poor Time Management Can Cost You

1. You spend too much time being busy. 

Tip 1 How to Figure Out if Your Time Management is Costing You Money

This means you are doing low-value tasks that are not urgently necessary and do not move the needle in your business. You are doing tasks that anybody else can do, but you're afraid to let them go.

The key to being more successful here is to realize that in order to grow, you will need to LET GO!

Women often keep piling everything they can on their plate without ever letting any of those things go, which in turn leads to exhaustion. This scenario is precisely why it is crucial to be a part of a community that can notice the overwhelming load you are bearing and help identify what to delegate or get rid of. 

Oftentimes, we challenge our clients to run a do, dump or delegate exercise on their to do list.  This simple exercise can refocus your talents to higher-value tasks that make a impact on your bottom line.

2. Succumbing to the shiny object syndrome.

The Problem: 

You are not alone if you suffer from shiny object syndrome because 90% of people suffer from it. The question we need to ask ourselves is how do we minimize it? As an entrepreneur, you are going to have great ideas. In the world of business, there are so many good things that you could do, but the question is, should you? Are those things suitable for you for where you are headed and what you are focused on now?
Cost 2 How to Figure Out if Your Time Management is Costing You Money (2)

The Solution:

A community such as the Collaborative Your Biz Rules Community can help hold you accountable and stay focused. It’s not that you can’t change your focus, but the right community can help you put those shiny objects into a process to determine which ones are the right ones to move forward with or not. Staying focused is critical because momentum is incredibly significant in business.

3. 46% of our stress as entrepreneurs comes from an overwhelming workload.

If everything on your plate is high-value, important and urgent, yet you can’t get it done - you’ve got a problem.

You are a human, you are not a machine, and as the owner, it is not your job to do 

everything. As your business grows your sense of responsibility needs to evolve.  While you did everything in your business when you started, now that it is growing your job becomes more about ensuring that everything gets done well. 

Cost 3 How to Figure Out if Your Time Management is Costing You Money (3)

You need to STOP being the doer and become the manager to become the owner. The key to sustainability and profitability is not succumbing to an overwhelming workload.


I have personally seen some tremendously talented women with unique businesses built through blood, sweat, and tears. In the process, they also made a 10,000 lb weight for themselves that they had to carry around every day. It gets tiring, and you don't have to do it that way. You can choose to do some uncommon things regarding time management. We have a workshop on it, and it's much more than time management.

Everything we discuss is interrelated with topics like:

  • What does energy look like?

  • What is time?

  • What is attention?

  • What is project management?

All of these topics have an impact on our ability to feel productively accomplished, how to move the needle in our business, and how to scale and grow profitably and sustainably.

If you need help with this, shoot me a message, and we will always share how we can help. If someone needs to hear this message, then send it to them! [You know who they are.]

How to Figure Out if Your Time Management is Costing You Money