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What we do

It can be lonely as an entrepreneur.

Life wasn't meant to 'Go it' alone. You and your business deserve more.

A woman on her own can do some amazing things. Yet, is it sustainable carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders every day?

You can only do that for so long before you burn out.

But, there is a better way. Join us. A community of women who can change the world because they support, advise, mentor and lean on each other. 

Let's Grow More Confidently, Faster, Together

Find Your Community

Skip the solo act, join a community where you give and receive support to boost your confidence and skills.

Grow Your Small Business

Improve your skills as a leader and an entrepreneur.  Learn to find and focus on those breakthrough growth moves that matter the most to your business.

Build a Better Future

The more you prosper, the more you inspire prosperity for others. When businesses prosper they create an impact in the family and community.

why we do it

We’ve been there

We are masters at getting service businesses profitable and growing.  When things are working, our community has the ability to invest in growth, hire amazing team and reward everyone (including themselves) in the process.

The struggle we see universally is that too many women entrepreneurs try to go it alone.  Getting sucked in to a echo chamber of doubts, burn out and loneliness.  It doesn't have to be that way.

As an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Leslie learned first hand the value of surrounding herself with a community of smart, ambitious women who supported each other through their growth journeys. Today we are committed to the success of other businesses across the globe.

Success stories

What Our Members Have to Say


"If you take Action, You see results."

Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson Writing Services – a content strategy and writing services company serving impact-driven organizations

Leslie has the ability to thoughtfully assess where you are and what you should focus on to take your business where you want it to go.

She can zero in on trouble spots and offer tangible, practical steps to keep your business moving forward.

She also happens to be fun to work with.

She’ll call things like she sees them, but if you’re willing to hear her advice and take the actions she recommends, you’ll see results. 



Tanya Kramer

THK Consulting - US Domestic and International Tax Strategy and Planning

A quick note to say how happy and grateful I am to have met you! 


I have been in two mastermind sessions plus our call and the 5 day challenge.  

The takeaways from each have been invaluable and most importantly practical.

I finally feel like I have a tribe of like minded business owners facing the same challenges with whom to brainstorm. 


I just wanted to say thanks ?

"She met me where I was. That's what I love about her." Michelle Petties,  Author of Leaving Large, The Stories of a Food Addict

I was so frustrated because I knew I had a message; I had work to do. I couldn't get past just feeling overwhelmed all the time.

 She met me where I was, and pushed me along, pulled me along, made me dig deeper, helped me find the time, helped me see some things that were right in front of me. And for that, I am just so incredibly, incredibly grateful.

What is Included in the Academy?

Instant Access 10+ On-Demand Workshops

These workshops are more than a masterclass, they address practical areas of your business. Step-by-step these workshops guide you through the skill development and implementation into you small business.  Share your progress with the community and get feedback from our team.

Want a closer look?  Toggle to expand the topics below to see existing and coming soon workshops.

Boost Your Profits 

Put Your Cash Flow to Work for YOU!

A slow, sluggish cash flow can stagnate your ability to grow. Get the cash flowing, master your financials and boost your profits with these down-to-earth workshops.

  • Workshop: 5 Strategies to Activate Your Cash Flow
  • Workshop: 3+ Ways to Maximize Your Budget, Access Funding and Run Lean
  • Workshop: How to Build a Simple & Effective Business Dashboard
  • Workshop: Build Your Ultimate Financial Control System
  • Coming Soon Workshop: The 3 Keys to Keep More of What Your Business Earns with a Profit Plan

Attract great clients

Master Your Marketing Message & Make it Easy For Your Clients To Buy

If you are not able to clearly communicate what you do, who you serve and the value you bring to the table, you'll forever struggle to find your best clients and do your best work. These workshops help you master your message, clearly communicate your value and breakthrough.

  • Workshop: Craft A Compelling Value Proposition to Attract Paying Clients
  • Workshop: Multiply Your Clients with New Services and New Markets
  • Workshop: How to Price Your Services
  • Workshop: How to Launch New Service Offerings
  • Workshop: How to Create Compelling Content Quickly
  • Coming Soon Workshop: How to Create a Compelling 30-Sec Introduction
  • Coming Soon Workshop: 3 Steps to Defining Your Niche
  • Coming Soon Workshop: How to Determine The Best Marketing Strategies

Build your team

Create a Culture That Attracts & Retains Amazing Team Members

Once of the keys of sustainable growth is the ability to bring others into your business to help handle the day-to-day operations and engaging the team in a way that everyone is bound by common values and goals.

  • Workshop: How to Ignite the Power of a Compelling Business Culture
  • Workshop: Hiring Your Rock Star Team
  • Coming Soon Workshop: How to Enroll and Engage Your Team with Culture
  • Coming Soon Workshop: How to Master a Fluid Style of Leadership

take strategic action

Develop Your Strategic Leadership & Action Plans

Without strategy, you'll soon find your day will be consumed by putting out fires, micromanaging your team and spinning your wheels. Say good-bye to reacting to every problem and get back in control by creating strategic action plans for your small business.

  • Workshop: Defining Your Money-Making, Impact-Creating Business Model
  • Workshop: The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Planning for Service Businesses
  • Coming Soon Workshop: Get the Team Onboard: Creating Team Ownership & Accountability

maximize productivity

Stay Energized, Focused and More Productive

We bust the myth that you must get more done with less.  You can try, but it leads to burnout.  Instead, these workshops show that productivity is about maximizing your resources, allowing for downtime and about ever so much more than time management.

  • Workshop: 5+ Strategies to Boost Your Productivity
  • Coming Soon Workshop: How to Stay Focused Every Week & Achieve More
  • Coming Soon Workshop: How to Use Technology to Boost Productivity

"I'm now making clear progress with a clear vision. It has been amazing working with Your Biz Rules." Kendra Erkamaa, Triangle Financial Services

 I was stuck in the day to day of my business and overwhelmed by the sheer amount to do.  I had realized that I was at the limit of what I knew.  

That's when I started talking and working with Leslie.  She has made this process so rejuvenating, and I am very excited to jump into my business again.

Our Community Rules

We are building something special here. We realize that our dynamic community of women entrepreneurs doing business in a fresh, positive, and profitable way is not for everyone. These are our most important guiding principles for our community - if you don't love them, then we may not be the right fit for you. Let's make it easy.

Be Interested, Not Interesting

We learn more when we ask questions and when we listen to each other's experiences and stories.

When we mentor, we don't 'should' each other yet offer relevant experiences, learnings, choices, and strategies as resources for others' decisions.

Relationships 1st, Business 2nd

The days of the hard, direct sale tactics are fading into the past.

We believe that when we develop relationships first, business and partnerships naturally come next.  

Extend a helping hand, but leave the hard sell to social media.

Give and Receive

Extreme generosity is a guiding principle for our community.  

To make that happen, you'll need to be ok in giving freely AND in receiving.  

It creates a cycle of goodness that makes you smile.

Protect the Conversation

We honor each other's confidence. We don't share out of context or pass judgment on each other. 

We are a support network where women entrepreneurs can share their highs and lows.  

We celebrate the wins and rally to lift others.  

About the Leslie

Leslie Hassler is a dynamic author, speaker, and business strategist guiding women-owned, service-based businesses into more profits, cash flow, and success. Business owners come to Leslie seeking a way to strategically scale their businesses richly, stop the money leaks, and get back in control with confidence.

Her genius has also been featured on stages around the United States, such as the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and in online publications such as, and

Leslie is a mother of two high school boys (along with the dog and cat), an avid traveler, and a Past President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO DFW).

On her bucket list is to visit Angkor Wat, Bali, India and New Zealand.

have more questions?

Will this work for me?

Great question. We can't guarantee results - but what we see is this.  If you show up, give and receive and then put things into action, you'll see change.  

what if I change my mind about my membership level?

That is one reason we provide a 7-day free trial, to allow you time to be sure.  But if any time along the way you change your mind, you can downgrade your membership.  At the end of your billing cycle, we will make the change. No hard feelings.

Can I bring my Small Business Friends?

Of course!  If you think your friends would LOVE to be a part of what we are building - then invite away.  Once you join us, you can become an ambassador and invite your friends.  Plus, we have some pretty sweet ways of saying thank you when you do.

What if I Live Outside of the United States?

This is a global community.  All are welcome.  

Can I join if I am not a Woman Entrepreneur?

If you believe in our vision and support the success of women entrepreneurs, we welcome you to join our community.