Are you tired of not seeing the growth and profits you deserve?

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November 16, 2023


Be my guest! 

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It's Not You!  It's the Plan.

You are really good at what you do.  Your work has an amazing impact on your clients.

You've worked hard to get here, but business is frustrating and stuck in a rut without a clear path forward and proper structure, support, and strategy.

You deserve better!

Join us for this 2-Day virtual event to:

  • Unlock $10,000 or more in profit potential for your business
  • Outline a sustainable way to grow and scale without burnout
  • Create a compelling vision for a business that supports you

Plus, get private and personalized support for my team with your bonus Profit-Boosting Session!

"I'm now making clear progress with a clear vision."

"It has been amazing working with Your Biz Rules."

~ Kendra Erkamaa, Triangle Financial Services

Profit & Growth LIVE! Workshop is for you...

  • If, you’ve been fighting low profits and limited cash flow, yet are as busy as can be
  • If, you are stumped because your business is capable of far more, but you have no more bandwidth
  • If you are ready for more freedom to do what you love in the business and life
  • If,  you are finally ready to create predictable profits and scale your business without killing yourself in the process.

Profit & Grow LIVE Event Details

November 16, 2023

9am-5pm CT (with a break for lunch)
Online Event, No Travel Required

  • Profit & Grow Live Workshop with Leslie Hassler 
  • PLUS:   A personal Profit Boosting Session with our team

Here’s how it works:


Set Clear Goals for Your Business

Take a look at what is working and what needs to be working better in your business.

Bring your goals to the table, and we will help you turn them into profitable pathways to growth and scalability.


Run Your Numbers

Grab Your Profit and Loss statement from Quickbooks or your bookkeeper for this year and last year.  We will work with where your business is to see what your profit potential can be! 


Clear Your Schedule for November 16

This is a workshop.  When you participate, you get more strategies to put to work in your business.  It can be challenging to dedicate the time when you're buried in the day-to-day.  Taking time for this event, though, is what you need to free yourself from the daily grind!


 Hit the Ground Running

We start promptly at 10 am (CST); break for lunch and wrap up the day by 4 pm (CST). This gives you time before, during and after to answer emails and phone calls so you can be present to boost your profits, gain support and get on the path to growth.

How are we different?

  • Most coaches want you to increase sales. We want you to increase profits, freedom, and then sales. We are going to get you started on the road to predictable profits.
  • We are champions of stable, sustainable growth that produces tangible results, so we will help you find ways to work smarter and get more from what you do.
  • We focus on tried and true practices that help businesses last for generations, no here one day, gone the next strategies that only work for a few.

Here's a sneak peek into what you're going to discover to create sustainable, reliable and profitable growth

Part 1 - PROFIT 

  • Create a Compelling Vision For Your Business
  • Plug Your Money Leaks to Boost Your Profits
  • Set the Path to Predictable Profits

How great would it be to be both inspired and rewarded by your business?  

Part 1 connects your business, vision, and profitability to strengthen your business and confidence.  We will reveal your profit potential, where you are leaving money on the table, and how you can put your financial growth to purpose.

Part 2 - GROW

  • Get Set Up for Scalable & Predictable Growth
  • Envision a Business Where You Thrive
  • Put Together a Growth Plan that Beats Burnout

Your goals are worthy and attainable, you deserve to see them come to life, and it can happen sooner than you think.  

Part 2 will get you set up for success with our 4 critical elements of growth, a plan to help you thrive as the business owner and a simple, actionable and customized growth plan that let's you move the needle in your business.

BONUS: Private Profit Boosting Session

This is your opportunity to get focused and clear on what you need to get predictable profits to grow your business and enjoy the freedoms of being a business owner. Our team will walk through 3 simple but powerful steps:

  1. 1
    We’ll look at where your business is today and where you are spinning your wheels. Trust me, sometimes you need an outside set of eyes to name those unseen forces, and naming them gives you the focus and clarity to take the next step.
  2. 2
    We’ll help you discover YOUR brighter future… a meaningful and inspirational profit target that fuels your passion, purpose, and growth.
  3. 3
    We’ll validate your step-by-step plan to make that future a reality and ensure it is doable without you burning out and sacrificing everything for that vision of success.

Are you ready to create predictable profits and scale your business without burnout?

You dream about growing and scaling your business. Yet, when it comes to getting started, you can’t fathom working harder or how you can afford to make it happen. When you work hard day in and day out in your business, it is frustrating to feel like you are barely breaking even.

You deserve better from your business.

Let’s get your business growing better by producing predictable profits so you can achieve scalable growth without burnout.  You’ll find that you can invest in growth, pay yourself, AND know the business has the resources to cover the day-to-day expenses.

When this happens, the world's weight comes off your shoulders, and the relief is palatable.  You hire support without worry when you know you don’t have to hustle harder to have a profitable business.  You naturally gain time to serve your clients at a higher level AND to take more time for your family and, dare we say - yourself.

When your business is profitable, you fall back in love with your business and show up with more confidence, which creates more success.  Let us show you where the profit is hiding in your business and how to use that new money to fund the scalable growth you are after - register for the workshop.  

In just one day, this workshop will take you through:

  • The common areas where profit hides in your business, 
  • Set profit targets that create more freedom and more reward in your business, and 
  • Help you create a customized plan for making scalable growth happen without burnout. 

Plus, our team will spend private time with you in your profit-boosting session to find even more opportunities to Profit & Grow - opportunities you are likely too close to see.

Since joining the Mastermind group, I’ve gained much more confidence as a business owner.

I am better able to recognize what I’m currently doing well, have learned where I have holes in which I need additional support to fill, and have gotten direction on where I need to go to take my business to the next level. 

It was a big decision for me to join the mastermind because of the financial commitment. The old saying that you have to spend money to make money often does ring true in business and I’m glad I took a chance with my investment.

Julie Godfrey 

Plano Barcode Fitness Studio

I call Leslie the 'Shark' of Dallas.

If you put her suggestions to use, you won’t be leaving “money on the table.” 

She will design a step-by-step plan with customized ideas for your business to increase profit margins.

She’ll even tell you which ideas are priority and which ideas can wait a few months, so you won’t leave feeling overwhelmed but rather empowered to make some profit-generating improvements. She’s the best!

Michelle Summerall

Build Your Business with Leslie. I've known Leslie long enough to realize she knows what she's talking about when it comes to helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

I was very nervous about the financial commitment and the fact I was going to be very vulnerable in front of other business owners. 

Well, I decided to take the plunge 9 months ago, and I am oh-so glad I did. I've earned my investment back and have four other people also earning a paycheck.

Not only does Leslie challenge Photography by Misty to take the painful steps to grow, but the other members are incredibly helpful and supportive of me and my business. 

Misty Hoyt

Photography By Misty

Meet Your Event Host:

Leslie Hassler

Founder & Scaling Strategist, your biz rules

Leslie Hassler is a dynamic author, speaker, and business strategist guiding businesses to:

  • Produce predictable profits
  • Fund growth and stabilize cash flow
  • Get out of the day-to-day and gain more freedom

Through her speaking, private consulting, and her work in the Profitable Growth Incubator, Leslie helps business owners create $100K in new profits in as little as 12 months.


Come to Profit & Grow LIVE

November 16, 2023

9am-5pm CT (with a break for lunch)

Together, let's recalibrate your business so that you fall in love with it again! 

You deserve to be profitable AND love your business and life! Let's make it happen!