Test Course 1

One that attracts new clients and potential partners

This workshop is designed to help you build your skills, refine your business, and increase your confidence as an entrepreneur.  This overview will help you get most of the workshop features. 

As a small business owner, you know that having an effective 30-Second Commercial is the key to attracting new clients and making more sales. 

The problem is that most people think they can create a great commercial on their own, but they don't have the expertise or training to do so. They end up spending hours writing commercials that are ineffective and forgettable. 

With this workshop, you'll learn everything you need to know about crafting a powerful 30-second commercial from scratch using simple frameworks and proven formulas for success. 

Key Concepts:

  • Overview of what makes a 30-Second Commercial successful
  • How to use the Yes formula to organize and create versions of your 30-Second Commercial
  • Simple frameworks that help you craft a 30-Second Commercial that is easy to remember and say.

We don’t want you just to hear these good ideas, we want you to digest them and use the ideas so we have created journal questions.

We recommend that you write down the answers to the Journal Questions listed at the bottom of each workshop. You can type it where it says to “share your thoughts” at the bottom of the workshop for accountability or at home in a journal if you want to keep it more private.

Journal Prompt:

How could a 30-second commercial help me in my business?

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Test Course 1