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Fractional CFO Services

Transform Complex Numbers 

into Strategic Actions.

Tired of navigating through a financial fog? Our Fractional CFO Services are your lighthouse to clarity, strategy, and profit.

Who Profits from Fractional CFO Services?

Whether you're a scrappy startup or an evolving enterprise, our Fractional CFO Services are tailored to bring financial brilliance to your business. Turn fuzzy numbers into strategic assets and harness full control of your financial destiny. Take action now—your future self will thank you.

Cash Chaos?

Gain control over your cash flow with our analytical tools and personalized guidance, turning financial unpredictability into planned growth.

Stalled Growth?

Break through the plateau with targeted strategies revitalizing your business, ensuring you invest where it counts to grow with profits and without the burnout.

Scaling Up?

Develop a robust financial plan that aligns with your scaling ambitions, giving you a roadmap for sustainable growth. You'll know when to take action and why.

Decision Paralysis?

Our Fractional CFO services give you the insights and confidence you need to make informed, strategic decisions without second-guessing yourself.

What Our Clients Say....


How Our 3-Step Approach Works



We dig deep into your financials to identify your business's strengths and weaknesses dispelling your financial confusion, replacing it with clarity. No more shooting in the dark.



With clear financials, we help you plot your business course, transforming numbers into a strategic roadmap. Say goodbye to indecisiveness and hello to purposeful action.



Our ongoing service keeps you updated on your financial health. Make data-driven decisions and adjust your strategies in real time, ensuring you're always on the path to profitability.


 - Leslie Hassler

From Financial Fog to Clear Skies:

Navigate with Confidence

Imagine making financial decisions with complete confidence, knowing each choice propels your business closer to long-term success. With our Fractional CFO services, you not only gain unparalleled insights into your financial landscape but also strategic guidance for sustainable growth. We turn your financial fog into a clear roadmap, empowering you to increase profitability, manage cash flows like a pro, and make bold business moves that yield real results.

Greater Financial Clarity

Remove the guesswork and understand the true financial state of your business.

Predictable Cash Flow

Say goodbye to cash flow surprises by accurately predicting your inflows and outflows.

Informed Business Decisions

Make informed decisions with confidence, backed by full data analysis, rather than only gut feelings.

Strategic Growth Opportunities

Strategically identify lucrative areas for targeted expansion and smart investment, maximizing returns.

Increased Profit Margins

Delve into your business's financials to discover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities for streamlining.

Enhanced Business & Personal Lifestyle

 Improve not just your business's bottom line but also your personal financial freedom and well-being.

The Complete Financial Toolkit:

All-Inclusive Features Tailored for You

  • Comprehensive Financial Audits: Gain a 360-degree view of your financial operations, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Customized Strategy Sessions: Collaborate in targeted meetings to build a financial strategy tailored to your unique business needs and goals.
  • Monthly Financial Reports and Insights: Receive easy-to-understand monthly reports that not only tell you what's happening in your business but also why it's happening.
  • Quarterly Strategic Reviews: Take stock every quarter with a deep dive into your financials, allowing for timely adjustments to your business strategy.

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Faq - 

All You Need to Know About Our Fractional CFO Services

What exactly is a Fractional CFO service?

A Fractional CFO service provides you with expert financial guidance and strategic planning on a part-time or project basis. You get the insights and expertise of a Chief Financial Officer without the cost of hiring one full-time.

Who can benefit from this service?

This program is designed for savvy business owners hungry for growth but not at the expense of their freedom or family time. If you're looking to secure consistent profits while also building a meaningful legacy, you're in the right place.Business owners in growth mode, especially those with revenues under $2 million, stand to benefit immensely. Our service is also ideal for solopreneurs and those across multiple industries looking to make smarter financial decisions.

What kind of commitment is required?

For our services, a minimum commitment of 6 months is required. This allows us enough time to analyze your financial standing and implement effective strategies for improvement. After 6 months, most of our clients renew to maintain the financial clairty and results.

How much time will this take each month?

We handle the intricate tasks, from data analysis to creating easy-to-understand visual representations of your financial state. Your commitment involves just 1 hour a month for regular reporting and an additional 90 minutes for our in-depth Strategic Reviews. This streamlined process ensures you stay in the loop without overburdening your schedule.

Can I afford this service?

Think of this service as an investment rather than a cost. The insights, strategies, and efficiencies gained often result in increased profits and reduced financial stress, which more than justify the investment. We have two tiers to choose from: one for solopreneurs and emerging businesses and another for more seasoned and scaling businesses.

What if I’m not a Numbers person?

 Our service educates and empowers business owners, regardless of their financial background. We aim to simplify complex financial concepts and provide actionable insights for your business. Many of our clients are not numbers people, either - don't worry we make things simple.

What makes your service unique?

With over 20 years of experience, our certified public accountants provide top-tier expertise. We also include the insight of seasoned business strategists, ensuring that your financial plans are aligned with your business goals.

What results can I expect?

While individual results may vary, many clients experience improved cash flow, greater profitability, and increased personal income. Additionally, we aim to alleviate financial stress and provide clarity and strategic direction for your business

How do I join?

Joining is easy. Just click our button below to guide you through a simple, secure process. We will briefly discuss your business and your questions about Fractional CFO Services.  Then you're ready to go. Start your journey towards profitable growth and freedom today.