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Leslie speaks for private and public events, workshops, retreats, conferences, and podcast interviews that serve small businesses and the entrepreneur community.  Her topics are fully customizable and will bring rave reviews from your audience.

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6 Proven Ways to Find Your Business’ Hidden Profit

Frustrated and burned out looking for success? Don't focus solely on revenue - check these six ways you're missing out on those crucial profits! Leslie will get you started on creating predictable profits to grow & scale in your small business.

Entrepreneur Success Factor:

The 7 Skills that Skyrocket Success

 Being an entrepreneur isn't always easy and entrepreneurial success relies on more than just luck — hone these 7 essential elements to guarantee your path to greatness and success in business without burnout.

 9 Proven Strategies to Profitably Scale Your Business

Don't fall behind in the ever-changing economy - discover the critical strategies that beat the market and the 9 scaling 'musts' that end guesswork when it comes to growing your business.

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BIO  Leslie Hassler

Leslie Hassler is a dynamic author, speaker, and business strategist guiding businesses into creating predictable profits to grow and scale without burnout.  With her unique Profitable Growth Incubator program, many of her clients are able to achieve $100,000 in new profits in 12 months or less.

Her genius has also been featured on hundreds of stages around the United States; she’s a contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com and Business.com and the author of the upcoming book Scaling Rich: Redefining Success to Build Wealth, Nurture Those You Love, and Create a Legacy on Your Terms.

Leslie is a mother of two high school boys, an avid traveler, a Past President of NAWBO DFW, and an Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program alumni.

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Leslie has spoken at hundreds of events and written for numerous publications. This is just a small sample.
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5 Star Reviews from over 150 speaking engagements

Testimonials from a Few of My Speaking Engagements

Lynda Bishop

CEO, Leadership & Program Development - NAWBO Circle Program

As part of the an exclusive education track at the Women's Business Conference in Jacksonville, FL, Leslie spoke to the NAWBO Circle (program designed for women owned businesses with more than $1M in annual revenue). She did a phenomenal job in conveying complex information in a way that was easy to comprehend and apply to each business in the room. In addition to adding value of solid knowledge, she also made the presentation engaging, fun and interesting! There was not a multi-tasking person in the room as every person was engaged in the information she was sharing. I highly recommend Leslie as a speaker and scaling strategist. I know that I plan to work with her again!

Ashley Ritcher

Marketing Manager - Penn Mutual

Leslie was a fantastic addition to our panel speakers for our firm’s women and wellness event. We loved having her tell her personal journey and how she helps small businesses scale financially. I’d highly recommend her for small business owners and public appearances.

Lisa Marie Graves

Event Organizer - MLJS Legacy, LLC

Leslie spoke at the 2019 Women's Legacy Conference. She is a high-level speaker who paints a picture so people can understand who is bringing in money and how to capitalize on that. Her presentation was detailed, focused and engaging. She was easy to work with, responsive and prepared. I would recommend her as a speaker.

Brian Doherty

Attendee of Build Your Business Collaborative

I had the pleasure of spending just an hour with Leslie at Ensemble CoWorking's BUYB Collaboration Forum. In that time she managed to: Help me price my consulting services in a way that preserves me living standards. Gave lots of good advice on types of consulting and where mine falls initially, and hopefully will fall down the line. Gave some advanced advice on discounting -- when it's appropriate, and how to set the discount rate. She did this with formulas, but presented in a way that a layperson could understand. I recommend anyone working on getting into consulting or other entrepreneurship for the first time to get a consultation and see what Leslie can do for you.

Treta Sellers

Financial Advisor, Armor Wealth Management

I've known Leslie for over a year, and worked with her in a few different groups. I invited her to speak to a group of business professionals and owners this week, and her ability to engage everyone while imparting valuable information was so refreshing! Leslie brings great positivity with her to everything she does, which makes her a fun, exciting addition to any group or project. Her level of expertise through years of working with business owners to elevate their success is a commodity anyone looking to advance should want.

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