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The Lonely Road of Small Business: Are You Tired Yet?

You’re a humble overachiever, an expert at what you do.

Let's be real— entrepreneurship is riddled with bumps, U-turns, and lonely stretches where you feel stuck and burned out. You might even doubt if you're cut out for this.

You don't have to go alone. We get it; we've been there.

Together, let's turn those challenges into stepping stones.

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In over 14 industries, we've helped business owners get back on track, in the driver's seat confidently, and with the profits in the bank to realize their dreams.

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Have groundbreaking ideas but struggle with systems to escape the daily grind?

We're your organizational compass.

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We guide you to more financial security and freedom by focusing on the important stuff.

Legacy Builders

Are you on a mission that extends beyond profit?

We'll help you balance idealism and revenue to create a lasting legacy.


Your Biz Rules isn't your typical business advisor. 

We're your committed partners, extending a hand and saying, let's do this together. 

We focus on what counts: profits, freedom, and a fulfilling life. Like a family road trip, we bring everyone, including your team, for the adventure.

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Time, Money & Life Freedom

For Small Business Owners

Being good at what you do doesn’t automatically make you a skilled business owner. You're used to doing it all, but now, you need a trusted advisor to help you take things to a new level.

Our average client sees $100K in profits within 12 months, and we’ve accomplished as much as $900K in 9 months.

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Quantifiable Results:

Gain a clear roadmap—our clients average 3X growth and $100K in profits in 12 months.

Holistic Focus:

We're not just about business; we're about the whole picture—your life, family, and legacy.

Collaborative Partner Approach:

We're not backseat drivers. We're right beside you, making decisions together.

Your dream business isn’t a dream; it’s a decision. 

Be Part of Something Bigger

We meet you where you are and have flexible solutions to create predictable profits so you can grow and scale without burnout. Learn more about how we can help.

Profitable Growth Incubator

You’ll never be alone again. It's not just about tweaking your business; we're in the business of transforming it into a well-oiled machine. 

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Fractional CFO Services

We break down your numbers clearly so you understand them and can use them to grow and scale. Never be puzzled by numbers again.

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Business Audit

We dig deep to ensure your business isn't just profitable and sustainable for a lasting legacy, giving you answers fast.

Profitable Growth University

Are you great at doing, but need a little help?  The University is waiting for you with 15 Business Building Workshops.

Private Consulting

For those big dreams that can’t wait, we're in the trenches with you, collaborating on customized strategies to transform your business and life. 

Meet the Founder of Your Biz Rules

Leslie Hassler

Leslie is a navigator and a fellow traveler in the entrepreneurship journey. She knows the pains of going it alone and wants you to know that with Your Biz Rules, you'll never have to. That's why our team of advisors doesn't just focus on your business; we focus on you—the whole of you.

Make Your Small Business Journey Worthwhile

  • Transparency in Metrics: No smoke and mirrors. Just clear signs and markers to guide you.
  • A 'Life Beyond Business': You're building more than a business; you're building a lasting legacy and a high-quality life for your family.
  • We Make It Easy: Our tools aren't just another dashboard; they're collaborative platforms designed to make every member of your team a strategic asset. Think of it as a board game where everyone has a crucial role.

Stop The Wheel Spinning

You've waited long enough. Our clients often say they wish they'd started with us sooner because the rewards came quickly. Why wait any longer? 

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Do you find yourself burning the midnight oil, constantly hustling but never really tasting the freedom you started your business for? You're not alone—and you're in the right place.

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Our 100% Risk-Free Commitment To Your Success

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With our risk-free guarantee, you're not just securing your business's future—you're investing in a life of freedom and fulfillment for you and your family.

We're 100% committed to working *with* you.

That means identifying solutions, capitalizing on opportunities, troubleshooting roadblocks, and tweaking strategies until you achieve the desired results for your business and your life.

Your Part in This Partnership

We can be 100% *for* you, but we can't do it *instead* of you.

All we ask is that you match our level of commitment. That you're as committed to your success as we are.

Why We're Confident in This Approach

This isn't just coaching; it's more. Your success is our success, and we're in this together—like a family embarking on an exciting journey. We're so confident in our methods and partnership that we stand by our results.

Will You Commit to Your Success Today?

You and your family deserve a life and business that generates profits and brings joy and freedom. So, are you ready to match our commitment and rewrite the rulebook of your business?

Time is now

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Picture this: guilt-free weekends where you unplug and recharge with your family doing things you love, like having bonfires. You are completely present at this time and away from work. A summer scheduling system with `tension containers` ensures your business thrives even as you savor downtime with family and friends. By dedicating time for focused work during the week, you can fully embrace your weekends without stress, say goodbye to burnout, and welcome a refreshed you 💪. Whether it`s laughter around a bonfire or a picnic in the park, embrace the moments that recharge your spirit.

How are you spending your weekend? Comment and let us know!!

Did you miss this week’s LinkedIn newsletter about balancing summer and your business? Don’t worry! You can read it at the link in my bio.

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Take a look at my lunch last week at an amazing local Buddhist temple!

The Buddhist temple hosted a food truck tour of Thai food to help support the building`s upkeep. The grounds were beautiful, but the Texas heat was showing out, too. Luckily, we found some shade to enjoy our coconut ice cream! My other favorites were the kebabs and Sharma. It was like a mini trip to Thailand in our own backyard.

Don’t forget to explore locally! What is your favorite place to visit on a weekend in your local area?

#YourBizRules #LunchOut #ExploreLocally #IceCream #Food #Texas #SummerDays

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Staying present is an entrepreneur`s secret weapon 💪. Fully immersing yourself in each moment—at work or during relaxation—enriches your experience and boosts productivity 🎯. But let`s face it: resisting the urge to check emails during family time or worry about unfinished projects on vacation is challenging. You deserve to be present without guilt!

So, how can you master this? The most important part is being present in whatever mode you are in. If it`s business time, schedule yourself to get what needs to be done, then after, switch gears to family/you time. During this time, be present to make those memories or relax. Maybe you work Monday through Thursday, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are your days off. Or maybe you work until 3 pm, but after 3 pm, you shut work mode down. The most important thing is finding balance through the art of presence. Imagine the benefits: increased productivity, more meaningful relationships, and a healthier work-life balance. It`s all within your reach.

We`re here to help you master the art of presence by creating strategies that keep your focus where it matters most. Our team of experts is ready to guide you towards achieving this perfect balance. Book a consultation today and take the first step towards a more productive and balanced life! 📅

#YourBizRules #BusinessOwner #WorkLifeBalance #FocusOnSuccess #MindfulnessAtWork #BePresent #BusinessBalance

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For a while now, I have been going to float therapy. It is a great chance to mute the outside noise of a busy life and world and reconnect with myself. 🌊

I’ll be honest: my first thought was claustrophobic in this capsule filled with water, but the benefits became evident as I immersed myself in the experience. I feel lighter and ready to take on another day.

What`s your go-to for recharging? I`d love to hear in the comments below! Who knows, your self-care routine might just inspire someone else to give it a try!

#YourBizRules #Recharge #Entrepreneur #Mindset #TakingCareOfMe #SelfCare

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Repeat after me: “Just because I am a business owner does not mean I am always confined to my desk.”

It may sound like a daunting task, but as resourceful entrepreneurs who juggle multiple responsibilities, we can make it happen. Who says you can`t explore the world while growing your business? 🌎 Your work is crucial, but so is stepping beyond your desk. Craft a strategic schedule that empowers you to travel while staying on top of business goals. Whether it`s a serene cabin in the mountains or a vibrant café in a bustling city, find inspiration in new places while maintaining productivity 💻✈️.

I captured this moment on one of my many journeys that the freedom of entrepreneurship has opened up for me. I want these enriching experiences for you too! Your entrepreneurial journey should be a thrilling adventure, so let`s help you design a plan to conquer the world while running your business like a pro! Comment “Freedom,” and we will reach out to schedule a time to chat!

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As the sun shines brighter and the days stretch out before us, leaving your desk and soaking up the summer sun is tempting. But if you`re like many entrepreneurs, you might worry about losing business momentum, or you may find yourself struggling with the opposite. You may struggle to leave work to spend time with your family or get some long-overdue rest.

How can you keep your business thriving while making time for beach days, barbecues, and cherished moments with loved ones?

Join us for today’s LinkedIn newsletter as we explore three simple tips for finding the perfect balance. These strategies ensure you can savor the summer and grow your business without sacrificing one for the other!

Read The Newsletter NOW at the link in our bio!

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Looking at Summer on the horizon doesn’t mean your important role in your business stops. Clarity can keep you focused on your business path during this time 📈. Goal setting is a great way to keep your eye on the prize in your personal and business life. Set three strategic goals—one for each summer month—and treat them like your guiding stars. This will eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed and help you accomplish more with less effort. Focus on growth, creativity, and innovation as you navigate June, July, and August.

Need help prioritizing business goals and letting your freedom gene shine? Let`s strategize together! We specialize in helping with this unique balance to guide you to your most fulfilled life! DM us to schedule a consultation today!

#YourBizRules #SmallBusinessOwner #GoalSetting #SummerSuccess #EntrepreneurGoals #BusinessPlanning #SummerFocus

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This Father`s Day, we celebrate the incredible fathers who provide unwavering support, love, and wisdom. Your dedication to balancing work and family inspires us all. Whether it`s giving sage advice or sharing unforgettable moments, you enrich our lives in countless ways.

Here`s to prioritizing what matters most—cherishing each moment and building a future where success and family flourish together. Wishing all the fathers a day filled with joy and well-deserved relaxation. Happy Father`s Day! 🥳

And a special Happy Father’s Day to my husband, Ed. Thank you for all you do for our family. We love you!

#FathersDay #CelebrateDad #FamilyMatters #YourBizRules #FathersDay2024

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Have you ever had a dream that doesn`t come true?

Guess what? You can still use these to shape an amazing reality!

As entrepreneurs, we all started with a dream. We try to change these to be more practical, but we have to hold onto these big dreams to allow them to influence and shape our reality.

What was your first dream for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

#YourBizRules #Entrepreneur #DreamBig #DreamIntoReality #Mindset #BusinessOwner

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Imagine your business running like a well-oiled machine, where every process is streamlined and every operation scales seamlessly. This isn`t just a dream…it can be your reality with our expert strategists. They will help you implement systems into your business that will help give you the freedom you desire.

At Your Biz Rules, we`re dedicated to crafting customized solutions that transform your operational challenges into advantages. Ready to take control and enhance your business efficiency? Reach out to us for a consultation!

#TransformYourBusiness #OperationalExcellence #YourBizRules #Strategy #Systems #BusinessOwner #EntrepreneurStrategy

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Today’s newsletter is out NOW!

Let’s delve into the depths of overwork, fear, and relentless expectations that many of us unknowingly confront daily. Discover how one family`s relocation spurred a journey of profound transformation, revealing insights into breaking free from the chains of perceived productivity.

🌿 From understanding the hidden roots of overwork to redefining success and finding a sustainable balance, these revelations offer more than just tips—they serve as a wake-up call for a life where thriving isn`t just a dream but a tangible reality. Ready to explore transformative strategies to reclaim your well-being and business success?

📩 Dive in at the link in our bio!

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Recently, we had the privilege of facilitating the Annual Strategic Planning session for the mayor and city council of Castroville! 🌟

It was an incredible opportunity to chart the course for the year ahead, focusing on strategic planning and setting actionable goals to drive the community forward. 📊✨

🚀 Together, we laid out a comprehensive plan that addresses key priorities and aligns resources for optimal impact. The dedication and forward-thinking approach of Castroville`s leadership ensure a prosperous year ahead. We are excited to see these plans come to life and make a difference in the community!

Ready to elevate your business with expert strategic planning? Contact us today, and let`s make your vision a reality.

#StrategicPlanning #CommunityLeadership #Castroville #ConsultingSuccess #FutureFocused #YourBizRules

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Ever felt like you’re running a marathon with no finish line in sight? You’re not alone. Our greatest trials often lead to profound transformations, helping us discover unexpected strengths and redefine our priorities. Sometimes, the journey feels never-ending, with stress and exhaustion clouding our perspective. But remember, it`s okay to pause, reflect, and recharge. 🌿

You don’t have to carry it all on your own. By embracing this moment of rest, you pave the way for renewed clarity, creativity, and the energy to move forward with intention. If today feels overwhelming, consider this a sign to take the rest you deserve and lean into a healthier pace. Need help finding balance? Let`s talk! Reach out today. 📲

#MotivationalMonday #TransformAndThrive #YourBizRules #BusinessOwner #Entrepreneur

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I spent my weekend in Chicago celebrating my son’s high school graduation! It was such an amazing few days, taking the time to step away from work, focus on my family, and explore the windy city.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing these unforgettable mosaics and the Tiffany domes. My son will attend Auburn in the fall for architecture, so this was an especially cool thing for him to see as well!

I’m curious: where is the coolest architecture you’ve ever seen? Let me know in the comments below!

#YourBizRules #FamilyTime #Chicago #Vacation #Auburn #Graduation

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Picture the excitement of walking into your office to see your team engaged and collaborating seamlessly. Even if you are a remote team, the thrill of hopping onto a virtual meeting and witnessing this is unmatched.

With systems designed around human needs, this can be your everyday reality. We know how important your team is. Your team is the backbone that keeps all of your business`s moving parts going.

Systems are a key component of a successful team because they streamline processes and revolutionize the work lives of everyone involved.

A thoughtful approach to systems can transform your operations, boosting team morale and productivity. Are you ready to see how systems can transform your team? We are here to help with that! Comment below or send us a message, and let’s chat.

#EmpoweringTeams #InnovativeSystems #Productivity #YourBizRules #Systems #Team #BusinessOwner

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Are you going into this weekend with all of your ducks in a row? 🦆

Imagine closing your laptop on Friday and stepping confidently into the weekend, knowing your business is running smoothly behind the scenes. That is the beauty of implementing systems in your business. This feeling of relief exists for you AND your team because your systems made it easy for everyone to know what needed to be done throughout the week and how to do it efficiently.

At Your Biz Rules, we believe your business shouldn’t involve sacrificing your freedom. We excel in crafting systems that keep your operations tight and liberate your time. Ready to see how our solutions can help you achieve that perfect balance of productivity and personal time? Reach out today!

#YourBizRules #FreedomFriday #EfficiencyExpert #Team #Systems #BusinessOwner

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Have you ever had that moment in your entrepreneurial journey where you think, “Well, that was unexpected,” or feel like something comes out of left field? In business, the unexpected isn’t just possible—it’s inevitable. But being prepared can make all the difference.

Today’s LinkedIn newsletter dives into essential strategies for implementing systems in your business. This is key to bracing your business against the unforeseen, ensuring you survive and thrive in any situation. 🌟

Don’t miss out—click the link to read more and transform how you prepare for tomorrow! Read the Newsletter at the link in our bio!

Did you love this newsletter? Make sure to like, comment, and share on your feed so that other entrepreneurs can see these helpful insights!

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Do you know the key to conquering Mondays..and every day?

It starts with the right strategy—effective systems!

Transform your daily grind from disorganized to streamlined effortlessly. This does more than get you organized. It empowers your business to face any challenge with confidence and grace. Embrace the tranquility of being thoroughly prepared and turn every Monday into a launchpad for success. Are you ready to make your weeks win consistently?

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite way to implement systems in your business is (Hint: It doesn’t need to be big. It could be anything from writing down your process for something to finding a centralized way to organize your marketing efforts)! 🚀

#MotivationMonday #BusinessExcellence #YourBizRules #Systems #ImplementSystems #BusinessOwner

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As a business owner, you probably have witnessed firsthand that challenges are inevitable. The true test of a business`s resilience often hinges on addressing these challenges proactively. Adopting a proactive problem-solving approach mitigates issues before they escalate. It also transforms potential obstacles into springboards for growth and innovation. By foreseeing problems and addressing them head-on, businesses can avoid significant setbacks and position themselves as industry leaders. 🌟🔄

Businesses must develop a keen sense of anticipation to embrace a proactive mindset. This involves staying informed about industry trends, understanding potential risks, and keeping a pulse on operational inefficiencies that could evolve into bigger problems. Crafting strategic responses in advance, maintaining agility in processes, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement are all pivotal. Even in times of success, it’s crucial to analyze what worked and how processes can be further refined to handle future challenges better.

Are you ready to elevate your business`s approach to challenges? We`re here to help you not just respond to problems but anticipate and resolve them creatively and efficiently. Schedule a time to chat at the link in my bio and start mastering the art of proactive problem-solving today. Let’s make resilience and innovation the cornerstones of your business strategy. 🚀👍

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A clear business vision is not only a strategic plan; it`s a beacon of inspiration that guides every decision you make. It`s a powerful tool that allows you to anticipate what’s on the horizon, even if it’s still far away. When each team member fully grasps and embraces the direction of the business, every action and choice naturally aligns with these overarching objectives. This clarity in vision enhances operational efficiency and ignites team morale and motivation, fostering a unified workplace culture and drive toward common goals. 🎯💼

Bringing clarity to your business vision is a transformative journey that requires regular communication, aligning operational activities with strategic goals, and commitment from all levels of the organization. If your vision feels hazy or your team seems disconnected, it`s not a sign of failure but a promising opportunity for growth. It`s a chance to refine or redefine your business vision, bring it into sharper focus, and align it more closely with your team`s aspirations and your business`s potential.

Remember, clarity is essential for effective leadership and sustainable growth. Still, trying to figure out where to start? Let`s work together to define your vision and set your business on a path to success. By investing in clarity today, you pave the way for a resilient and thriving future. 🚀DM us today to schedule a time to chat!

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