Small Business Growth & Scaling Success Stories

We take pride in the quality of our work with the small business owners.  Our role is to help guide entrepreneurs on their growth and scalability journey in a way that is doable and highly effective. Our mission is "Shared Prosperity for Every Business Owner." To find out more about our services, please see our Small Business Consulting Services Page.  

As always, results are not typical, or guaranteed.  There are multiple factors that contribute to a business' success., many outside of the parameters of any business consulting engagement. This is just a sampling of our client success stories and their experience working with Your Biz Rules Business Consulting in varied capacities. 

Since joining the Mastermind group, I’ve gained much more confidence as a business owner. I am better able to recognize what I’m currently doing well, have learned where I have holes in which I need additional support to fill, and have gotten direction on where I need to go to take my business to the next level. 

It was a big decision for me to join the mastermind because of the financial commitment. The old saying that you have to spend money to make money often does ring true in business and I’m glad I took a chance with my investment.

Julie Godfrey 

Plano Barcode Fitness Studio

I call Leslie the 'Shark' of Dallas.

If you put her suggestions to use, you won’t be leaving “money on the table.” 

She will design a step-by-step plan with customized ideas for your business to increase profit margins.

She’ll even tell you which ideas are priority and which ideas can wait a few months, so you won’t leave feeling overwhelmed but rather empowered to make some profit-generating improvements. She’s the best!

Michelle Summerall

Build Your Business with Leslie. I've known Leslie long enough to realize she knows what she's talking about when it comes to helping entrepreneurs grow their business. However, when she first approached me about joining the Mastermind, I was very nervous about the financial commitment and the fact I was going to be very vulnerable in front of other business owners.

Well, I decided to take the plunge 9 months ago, and I am oh-so glad I did. I've earned my investment back and have four other people also earning a paycheck.

Not only does Leslie challenge me to take the painful steps to grow, but the other Mastermind members are incredibly helpful and supportive of me and my business. 

Misty Hoyt

Photography By Misty

When I first met Leslie, I was mentally and physically exhausted. There were just not enough hours in a day to complete the all of the to do lists. I was so stuck and frustrated. 

I knew in my spirit that I had a viable business concept, but it was dying inside of me because I could not get from where I was to where I wanted and needed to be… by myself.

Then I met Leslie Hassler. I decided to trust my instincts about her and my world view changed. Signing on with Leslie turned out to be an act of faith that paid off immediately, emotionally.

Leslie has been hands-on and in the trenches with me designing, structuring and framing my business. Working with someone who is personally committed to understanding me and my business has made all of the difference. 

Within three months, my decision to work with Leslie paid off financially when I landed my first five figure client; three months later that same client and I worked together close a six-figure account. 

Leslie’s insight and guidance have been invaluable she is helping me realize the multimillion-dollar potential of my dream.

Michelle Petties

I Am Brand New Now

After going through a prestigious small business accelerator program I learned the importance of using financial reports to make good decisions for my company that would contribute to my companies growth.

The issue with that is that I am really not a "number's person" and frankly it wasn't where I wanted to be spending my time as I grew my business.

I wanted to talk about my business, I wanted to explore ideas to grow my business and I loved the big picture. Leslie started by doing a financial audit of the last 3 years .

Her report told me that she could see opportunity and growth and ideas in my numbers that I was not seeing. Some were long time ideas and some were low hanging fruit that made immediate impact. In fact, so immediate that by the end of the first half of the year my business had doubled!

Leslie is my partner in every way except in title.  I run ideas and questions by her on a regular basis and her answers are not based on her gut; they are based on solid financial analysis. Many people would say she is like my CFO, except we also work on questions surrounding personnel, operations, marketing and sales. That's why I call her our Growth Coach.

Jolene Risch

Risch Results

We recently just concluded our first full year working with Leslie and WOW!

We initially decided to work with Your Biz Rules because we were out of answers for how to get out of a stagnant rut in our business. As soon as I met Leslie at a workshop she was hosting, I knew we had to hire her.

We achieved incredible results. Leslie brought new ideas from an objective and fresh lens.

She identified issues within our business that we could not see clearly and helped us map and execute a solution.

She was always available and went above and beyond the terms of our contract to make sure our needs were met. 

We value Leslie and her business so much that we made the decision to hire her for a second year. She has become part of our team and is invested in our success! We could not recommend Your Biz Rules more.

Nicole and Donna Rea

Caring Transitions of North Dallas

I highly recommend all of Leslie's coaching and programs. I have worked privately with Leslie Hassler at Your Biz Rules to get really clear on who my ideal client is, what their needs are and how to communicate with them so that they understand the value I can offer them. Additionally, I've used many of Leslie's tools and calculators for the operation and marketing of my business. She is incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated to her clients success and fun to work with too! At any stage of your business, Leslie has a keen ability to help you see what you can't and develop strategies and solutions that will make a huge difference to your work and life.

For years, I have cast the net too wide and been serving clients who were not ideal and making me miserable in my business. I've even been known to say "maybe I should just quit and go waitress!"

In my one-on-one coaching with Leslie, she easily helped me narrow down who my ideal client is and why. Now that I am really clear on the work I want to do and with who. I speak confidently with prospective clients and can identify right away who is not a good match and who I should say No to. This has had tremendous effects in my business and life... I have clients I love to work with and am doing work I really enjoy. I'm so much happier, satisfied, less stress and enjoy my business! Thank you Leslie!

Amy Bleser

Virtual Services 4 U

To all of my fellow business owners out there- I wanted to share with you all the name of our business coach Leslie Hassler. 

She is absolutely phenomenal! We have a team of 4 strong and fabulous women so we needed someone who could help bring all of our ideas together and get us up and running.

It has been less than 90 days and she has helped us to: take a written business plan and refine it, define who our clients are and how to find them, define our services, core values and systems, start the hiring process for employees and define HR policies, do a beta launch for our business, gain customers, and gain strategic partnerships.

She is the best!

Sharyn Smith

Happy Homes Concierge

The transformation in my business and life is amazing. When I first started working with Leslie, I loved what I do, but I wasn’t happy with my business. 

Everything has changed. For the better. My business is profitable, the quality of the work has improved, and I have a sense of peace and calm that wasn’t there before. I know the business I want and what it takes to get there. And amazingly, it’s a lot less work than I thought. Working with Leslie has been the perfect answer for me.

As a “sole-preneur,” one of my needs has been to have someone with knowledge and experience with whom I can plan and collaborate on how to move my business forward. 

She is truly a “partner” in my business, and her concern for me personally as well as my business, is an amazing benefit for me. I really cannot stress enough how much she has helped me with my business.

If you are considering working with Leslie I would encourage you to do just that, sooner rather than later.”

Patti Allen

Patti Allen Interiors

Leslie has helped me immeasurably in getting me on the right track with my startup business, I was lost in a sea of where I wanted to go.

Leslie guided me into finding my niche market and who my ideal customer was.

The Mastermind group I was part of combined new and seasoned business owners. I learned so much from each of them and what I take away from this experience will never be replaced.

Leslie challenged me and coached me along the way. Signing up for Mastermind was the best decision I could have ever made for my business. I know I most likely would have failed if it weren't for the excellent guidance I received and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Leslie.

Lynette Mangels

Serenity Scents Aroma Synergy

I highly recommend working with Leslie at
Your Biz Rules!

She really helped me gain clarity on what my best next steps were for my business, with no fluff, no nonsense, and a multitude of useful tracking tools. As a new small business owner, I often say that there are a million and one things I could be doing, but it's knowing what few things will actually be effective that makes all the difference.

After working with Leslie, I was able to focus on the most important things, and let go of all the other distractions. I only wish I had found her sooner - it would have saved me so much time and money! She really understands what it takes to make a small business successful, no matter what industry, and how to simplify it for someone starting out.”

Marta Cordell

Full Bloom Wellness Solutions

Wow, I want to say thank you, because my session with Leslie was a game changer.  It was what I needed to switch things up and stop giving away the 'how' because I was not getting leads.

THANK YOU so very much.

You have no idea how I am excited to have met you. I earned my money back in one phone call... so amazing!”

Phylecia Jones

Motivational Speaker

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