What is the difference between a business coach and a business class?

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What is the difference between a business coach and a business class? – Coaching from the Carpool

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I received an interesting question today. It’s a pretty simple question. It’s Tuesday and I don’t know about you, but my week makes it feel like today’s Thursday.  And that’s really, I guess the good thing when you’re busy, when things go by fast. But, today’s question was posed to me and it’s really simple.

What is the difference between a business coach and a business class?

Well, there’s actually quite a bit of difference and I’ll start off with– it depends on the class you’re taking. A lot of times they’re very informative, right?

Most of the things you do from an educational standpoint is going to improve your business. However, I find that you’d have different cycles of need for education. You’ll start off needing business fundamentals. Then, we move into mind-set and leadership and lastly, management. So as you go through your cycles on your entrepreneurship journey, know that it will be different.

The first difference between a business class and a business coach, is what I would call the know-do gap.

You might have heard me speak about this a few times. Well, let me back up and give you this as an example. Have you ever gone to a conference? You’ve gotten tons of great ideas, lots of motivation and inspiration and come Monday morning, nothing happens. Nothing happens. That’s the know-do gap.

On one side, you have what you know and most business owners know a lot. It’s actually a very dangerous thing to know too much. This then is why we’ve got to let some of that knowledge go because knowledge keeps us from actually doing the action part of being successful in business. There’s the gap and a lot of times people just never make it over the gap.

You can actually know less, but do more and be more successful than knowing more and doing less.

There’s an interesting path I see people take. They learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, and understand that it’s not about learning. Most of my clients, by the time we’re working together with our smart people, I’m impressed with their brilliance, it is not about the knowledge.

It’s not about your capacity to learn. It’s about your capacity to implement and implement strategically.

This brings us to the second way that a business coach is different than a business class. A lot of times I teach classes, I run a mastermind, a small group of people, and I keep my small group mastermind small on purpose because I want to have depth of impact transformation within my client’s businesses. If I have 30 people in the room, I’m not going to be able to know each business individually or as deep as I can know, a group of 10.

This is one of the things my clients benefit from the mastermind especially being in that group. I can tell you strategically how whatever it is you’re working is an alignment with your goals, your values, and sometimes even more important, the knowledge or what you do, isn’t in alignment with your ideal client.

I’ve worked with people that have gotten all the education. But the education aspect wasn’t in alignment with one of those three characteristics. Either who they were, what they wanted from their business, their goals, the values, or their ideal client were not in alignment. The knowledge was out of alignment. What happened was nothing big. Goose Egg, OK, nothing, no success. So, those are really key and sometimes, you’re a little too close to it. I can be a little too close to my own business, right? When you’re a little too close to it, you can’t see that strategy that says, NO, this isn’t an alignment with that. Therefore, it’s less likely to work.

The ability to make sure that everything is in alignment gives a much higher probability of success.

Reason number three is this customization and individualization.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done strength finders.  Actually, it’s so funny. I just didn’t even think about this earlier so far. The three big reasons that we’re talking about the difference between a business coach and a class actually happened to all do with my strengths, my strength finders. So, the last one I’m going to talk to you about is this ideal idea of individualization.

It is one thing I have seen to be the biggest disconnect for most people. If they’re taking a class, they don’t know how to make it theirs. They don’t know how to do the tweaks and they don’t know how to do it in such a way that makes sense for their product, their pricing, their clients and all of those types of things that are the customization that has to come. That is at least one of my skill sets–knowing how one customizes.

It can actually be put to use in a plumbing business, in a dentist business, in a web design for a photographer, for, you know, for fitness, for health and wellness, and all those different areas because they do have tweaks and they do have things that you need to make modifications for strategy to actually work in that environment.

So, that is the big three. Again, the big three are:

  • There’s a difference between learning and doing and the coach helps you do more.
  • The whole idea of being strategic and taking knowledge and implementing it strategically to reach your goals.
  • Making it work in real life.

How would say those are the big three differences between a business coach and a business class?

If you have more questions, no matter how big or small, let me know, shoot me a message or leave a comment here on coaching from the carpool. If you know somebody that should be watching, Coaching from the Carpool, please feel free to share this episode, tag them in it. However you’d like to share it. I’m all good with that. My name is Leslie Hassler. I’m the owner of Your Biz Rules Business Coaching. That’s it for today, guys. I hope you’re having a profitable week and if you’re looking for a coach, why don’t you reach out to us? We’ll see if it’s a good fit. If not, I’ll be happy to recommend you to somebody that would be a good fit. So, that’s it for today guys. Have a great one.