5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision

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5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision


You're ready to take your business from good to great. But you don't know how.⁣

Most entrepreneurs are so busy trying to figure out what their next move should be, they can't even get started. Which can leave you frustrated because you feel like your business is stuck. ⁣

Listen in to the 5 Simple Steps To Achieving Your Business Vision that will help you develop the strategies and action plans for achieving your goals every step of the with confidence and clarity.⁣

We're winding up the year, and maybe you're thinking about what's next for your business? Now I find that this is easy when you start your business journey, but it gets a bit more difficult the longer you've been in business. 

The reason is that you are extremely busy getting the work done in your business that it’s challenging to figure out your next step. 

We're talking about five simple steps to achieving your business vision, but here's the kicker. The vision for your business comes from you, the owner. It’s the role that only you can fill. 

You're the visionary, but it is one of those problematic roles to step into.

You Are The Visionary In Your Business

Unfortunately, when you don't take the time to define your vision and be clear about it, you’ll often end up frustrated. As a result, you will become frustrated with your progress and what your business has become or will become.

This will make you feel stuck. Frequently when the vision for the future isn't apparent, a business will plateau, or it just won't get the growth that you’d expect. This can happen if you’re unsure what your business means to you or what you ultimately want to achieve as a business owner.

When You Obtain A Clear Vision For Your Business:

  • It ignites creativity and engagement.

  • Your team can now support you in taking the actionable steps that help construct your vision.
  • Your team will do what it takes to make this vision happen.

These things start happening because when there is clarity, everybody understands the direction of your company. A clear vision now makes it compelling, turning it into a motivator, and now your team has the ‘why’ behind what they’re doing. These components together increase confidence for you as the owner and your team. 

Your team will start acting differently, which makes the ‘knowing’ of what to do next automatic because everything is abundantly clear.

5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision:

1. Dream for clarity. 

Your business's vision statement needs to be so big that you want to make it happen. This is the dream component of your vision. The dream needs to be big and juicy enough to make your mouth water. You start thinking, “Oh, that is what I want!”

The clarity part of your dream comes from asking yourself or having somebody else ask the right questions.  These questions, while they seem unrelated are actually crucial to giving your vision form:

Tip 1 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision
  • What would it look like?
  • What would it sound like?
  • What would it taste like?
  • What would you feel?
  • What would you smell?

When you attach these sensory things to the dream component, you give the dream life and context. When you experience one of these senses on your journey, you will know that you're on the right track. Being clear, concise, and compelling is how you will get everyone else on your team to rally behind your vision.

2. Strategy and action.

There are 1,000,001 ways to do business and 1,000,001 strategies to use in your business. They all can work, or none of them can work. It comes down to choosing the right strategy for you, your business, and your vision right now. 

First, you need to ask yourself:

  • What makes the most sense?

  • Is it achievable?

  • Does it move the needle? 


  • Identify your strategies.

  • Prioritize these strategies.

  • Outline some basic actions.

Tip 2 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision

I like to use a travel analogy when talking about strategy. 

Your vision is choosing where you're going to go on your trip. The strategy is, are we going by plane, train, automobile, or walking? Let’s say that you choose to fly. Now, who do you prefer to fly with because you have many options– Delta, American, Southwest, or even a private jet [I like that one!]? You now have to buy a ticket and choose a date from there (the action). 

Do you see how the strategy drives the action? We want to take that “impossible vision” from step one and bring it down to earth a bit so that we can start taking steps to get there.

3. Take imperfect action.

Tip 3 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision

When it comes to achieving your business’s vision, you can't overthink it because if you try to be perfect and not make a mistake, you’ll miss out on a lot of learning. You'll also likely struggle longer with trying to achieve your perfection than you will through failing through imperfect action.

Imperfect action means you know enough.

Basically, you are guessing, and you might have some solid basis for those guesses, but you're going to have to test it out and try. If it doesn't work, you're okay with it not working because you're going to try again.

90 Day Sprints in Business:

Within our business and with my clients, we do something called a 90-day sprint. They're 

about taking the big vision and breaking it down into multiple goals and strategies, and 

prioritizing them. Then, within 90 days, you can focus long enough on this imperfect

action to learn, see what the results are, decide if it's something that works or doesn't 

work or needs to work better, and you can improve on it. These mini sprints are how you 

get that momentum moving in your business and when you get the momentum, the 

vision comes along, and it becomes a reality.

When you become choosy in what you do, you will see results.

4. Keep it visual.

Tip 4 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision

In working with people, I have found that almost universally, everyone responds visually. If you can see it, then you are reminded of it.

The benefits of having your vision visible:

  1. 1
    You can track things– what you track naturally improves.
  2. 2
    The entire team is reminded of the game plan causing constant reinforcement. 
  3. 3
    Your subconscious goes to work for you, causing you to problem solve quicker. 
  4. 4
    Potential opportunities are abundantly clear.

Have you ever had this feeling of, “Wow, all the pieces are coming to play?” That is often because you've set up enough reminders in enough different ways to give an intention and focus. Finally, it’s becoming a reality, so it feels easy to achieve now. Who doesn't need more ‘easy’ in their lives? 

5. Rinse, lather, and repeat. 

step 5 - 5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Vision

Have you ever washed your hair, and you read the back of the bottle, and it says, “Lather, rinse, repeat?” We need this in business, and it should be written on every business owner’s wall. 

If we were to rewrite this for business, it would be:

  1. Track

  2. Celebrate 

  3. Revise

Tracking is the conscious and visual aspects intertwined. Then you celebrate your wins because you want to see more of them. 

Lastly, you look for ways to improve and maximize your results when you revise. Then you track again to tell you what the results of your learning were. 

Here's the key to why this process is crucial in business right now. 

Business changes at a lightning-fast speed.

Our old paradigms of how we grew a business, made money, and how hard it needed to be, have been shattered. To capitalize on growth and the rate of change in our world today, you have to manage your small business with a more iterative process. 

You need a process that enables you to move quicker but generates better and more significant results. That is how you're going to achieve your business vision. When you do that, you get more done, move faster, work smarter, transform your business, and give your vision, reality. 

Final Thoughts:

When trying to achieve your business vision, you must have these conversations with other like-minded business owners on a similar journey. One of the reasons we brought together the Your Biz Rules community is that people often try to do this alone for too long. When we come together, you benefit from multiple viewpoints to consider, and you have somebody encouraging and supporting you. 

A community that can give you the space to get feedback or get another set of eyes on things. Collaborating with other women entrepreneurs will help you move quicker and get the work you want to be done faster.

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