As women in business, we have an interesting relationship with money in our small businesses.

We love it for the the freedom and security that having cash, and more importantly profits; affords us in our business.

Yet, we don't want to be seen as being 'only about the money' because we are called to have an impact in our communities and leave a legacy behind.

The truth is, this creates a pickle for most women in small business.  How do you manage the dichotomy and succeed?

This section is here to help you get cash right in your small business and create more of it to fund your freedom, your choice and your future business growth.

Get The Cash Right in Your Small Business

What does 'create more money in your small business' look like across your stages of business growth?

  • Cash Stability Growth Stage
  • Leverage Growth Stage
  • Expansion Growth Stage

There are some money truths that you need to remember for the Expansion Growth Stage. Big growth can put a strain on your bank account, alternatively taking your attention off the first iteration and putting your attention on the next iteration can cause some money leaks.  Your biggest cash focuses for this stage of small business growth are:

  • Scenario Cash Forecasting
  • Cash Reserves Earmarked for Growth
  • Regular and Attentive Review of the Numbers

What is your next best upleveling growth move?

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Generating Cash In Your Small Business

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