Today in the US we honor the great civil rights champion Martin Luther King and his great courage, dedication and commitment to equal rights for all citizens. But even the great Dr. King thought about quitting. After the historic march on Selma, Dr. King considered quitting because of the sacrifice his family was making and the threats on his own life.
I’m so glad he didn’t and so grateful he had the courage to continue. Our lives would have been very different if he had.
Quitting is easy. Forging ahead, pushing yourself and working hard in the face of fear is true strength and character.
Dr. King had a big dream! He didn’t get stuck in it being overwhelming, or too hard, he broke his the goal of achieving his dream into small, achievable steps…
Do you have a big, massive goal or dream that you are working toward but sometimes get stuck in overwhelm or fear? Take inspiration from Dr. King…
No matter how big your dream or goal seems, or how out of reach, keep pushing ahead, do the “hard” things, each and every day make a choice and take steps to move your big dream forward and you’ll get there.
Get discouraged? Bookmark this post and come back to it for inspiration. Dr. King’s dream was huge, many people believed it was unattainable … but every day of his life he did something to make progress… and all of our lives are the better for it.