Howdy!  I just can’t wait to share this news.  I am honored to be one of the breakout speakers for the upcoming Plaid For Women’s #NoMeanGirls National Conference.
I’ll tell you in a bit what I am speaking about, but first I wanted to tell you a little about the conference.


Mean Girls gossip about each other – Plaid Women don’t participate in destructive rumors.
Mean Girls criticize based on looks – Plaid Women see the talent, character and motivation inside.
Mean Girls exclude other women – Plaid Women include and mentor other women in their professional and personal lives.
Mean Girls enjoy when other women fail – Plaid Women are supportive in times of failure and also celebrate successes.
Mean Girls fear other women’s successes – Plaid Women help other women succeed – when one woman succeeds – we all succeed.

I’ll be speaking, “Show Me The Money!” a talk designed to help you see how simple it can be to create income in your business.  Why is this topic important to the #NoMeanGirls audience?  Money and making money is one of the hardest areas of business for most women to feel comfortable with – and that lack of confidence shows up in how you charge your customers, what you are willing to invest in, how much you are willing to pay yourself and ultimately how much impact you can have on the world.
My thoughts are that if more women were financially confident and secure in their business, they can have a greater impact on their families and the women that surround them.  Plus, feeling secure is one of the best ways to take a stand against mean girls and women.
The organizers of #NoMeanGirls National Conference have extended a $50 discount to you until July 1st.  With only a month left, I’d hop on taking advantage of this today! Enjoy an additional $50 off registration with the discount code #NMGYOURBIZ until July 1st. Register before July 1st and enjoy the early bird discount plus your special discount.
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