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Congratulations, Your Scaling Rich Personality is

You're an entrepreneur who is headed places.

Let's find out more about the Rising Star Personality.

Catherine Cook, Co-founder MyYearbook

To any entrepreneur: If you want to do it, do it now.

If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.”

– Catherine Cook, MyYearbook


There is a lot of passion at work here and you are striving to get everything in order.  Keep your eye on that big picture. Find the balance between doing the work and growing your business.

You have had success in gaining clients and delivering the work; but you’ve noticed that there is not enough time in your day to get everything that needs to be done, done.

You are leaving the 83% other beginning businesses who strive to break 6-figures with their business and entering the stage of creating reliable growth with stable revenue.  You may even be considering getting help to make this stage more possible.

As you cast your sight on the future, you are thinking about building your mini-empire and what that would be like.

What to Keep an Eye on in Your Business

Growth can gobble up all the cash in a business, don’t take you eye off your cash flow. The key is to you have money in the bank when you need it.

Growth in this stage can feel like getting stuck between a rock and hard place.  Focus on strategies that can generate revenue and profits quickly.  Use the income created to fuel your future big growth moves.

Get help sooner than later.  Delegate or outsource those important, but non-income producing tasks so you can do what you do best and bring in the maximum amount of revenue possible.

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Gain clarity in the value that you provide to your clients and encourage referrals after every deliverable.


Achieve profitability at the lowest revenue level to achieve predictable cash flow.


Be compassionately directive in your leadership, communicate clearly and completely.


Outsource non-revenue generating tasks, consider first team member, likely administrative.


Pay yourself, even if it’s small.  Volunteer and champion charitable causes in your community.


To balance doing all the work and working on the business basics that will take you to the next level.


Put a plan in place to achieve consistent, reliable growth to end the feast or famine cycle in your business.  Focus on the strategies that have a short-term (results in under 90 days) return on your resources.


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Business Motivation Speaker

Leslie Hassler, yOUR bIZ rULES

Leslie Hassler is a dynamic author, speaker, and business strategist guiding women-owned, service-based businesses into more profits, cash flow, and success. Business owners come to Leslie seeking a way to strategically scale their businesses richly, stop the money leaks, and get back in control with confidence.

Using her more than 12 years of experience in business, finance, mindset, and more, Leslie takes multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses from cash-strapped and struggling to profitable and thriving with her unique Scaling Rich™ Method.

Her genius has also been featured on stages around the United States, such as the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and in publications such as Entrepreneur.com.

Leslie is a mother of two high school boys, an avid traveler, and the immediate Past President of NAWBO DFW.


“I think there is this sort of misperception that a lot of entrepreneurs have that they think because it's their company and their vision that they have to have all the answers. 

I think one of the advantages of being a slightly older entrepreneur is that I was really comfortable in saying, "I don't have all the answers." In fact, I'm so comfortable in saying I don't have all the answers, I know enough to hire people who do and that's what I did.”

Gail Becker, Founder, CEO - CAULIPOWER

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