Entrepreneur Advice: Why A Full Table is the Fastest Path to Success: And the 3 Types of People You Want Sitting With You

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Entrepreneur Advice: Why A Full Table is the Fastest Path to Success:

And the 3 Types of People You Want Sitting With You

Summary: Isn't it frustrating to feel like the only person you can rely on is yourself? ⁣ Working alone as a women entrepreneur puts you into an echo chamber where your doubts, your worries, and sometimes poor serving beliefs reverberate to deafening levels. ⁣

⁣Instead of getting traction, you only feel like you're spinning your wheels. Busy is all you get out, but having nothing to show for it.⁣

⁣What if there’s a better way? A way that gets you moving, brings together diverse experiences and knowledge in a way that allows you to cherry-pick the best ideas that feel right for you and your business.⁣

There absolutely is a better way!

Listen in as I share simple ways for the fastest path to success that works every.single.time. ⁣so that you can create an income stream based on what lights you up AND focus on serving others while living a life full of adventure! ⁣

Let’s face it, as a woman; independence is most likely the reason for what enticed you to strap into this wild entrepreneurial roller coaster. 

The ups and the downs are worth it because you know that this is the path that will ultimately give you control of your own destiny. Working for yourself, being self-reliant, and successful-- that’s the dream, right? 

But what if we told you that the same drive for independence is actually what has you spinning your wheels and slowing down your success?

[womp, womp]

 That’s right, this big beautiful success story of an effortless journey of being in business for yourself hardly is ever-coveted alone. Confused? No worries, let me break it down for you what happens when you take ‘going into business for YOURSELF’ too literally. 

Entrepreneur Advice #1 : Independence IS NOT the Way to Success 

Who is on a high independent streak towards success? Raise your hand.

Now, who is seeing results from doing it themselves day-in and day out? 




It’s okay! We’ve all been there and your motive to do it yourself is not a wrong instinct to have. Having the ability to control your own destiny means you are self-reliable, your belief in yourself is high [love that!], but it also comes along with some downfall and a whole lot of stuck-in-the-mud type of vibes. 

You got sucked into the dreaded echo chamber of doubts. *shivers* This echo chamber provides you with a big consistent helping of doubt, misconceptions, questions, and sometimes misdirections. It runs on auto-pilot for so long that it becomes so deafening that any new ideas cannot penetrate it.

You say to yourself...

  • “Nobody call sell my business like I can sell my business.”

  • “It’s faster if I do it.”
  • “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.”

These mantras are on repeat, and you keep telling yourself this lie that you will become successful quicker if you do it all yourself but guess what happens instead?

The dreaded burnout.

You hate what you’re doing and forget why you’re doing it.

Entrepreneur Advice #2: Being busy in business IS. NOT. BUSINESS.

We want you to avoid that tragic story by any means possible. We want you to graduate from working IN your business to working ON your business. Gone are the days, specifically in corporate America, where being busy was a badge of honor. [yuck!]

 Being busy in business IS. NOT. BUSINESS.

Let me say that again, so it really sinks in.

Being busy in business IS. NOT. BUSINESS.

Being busy all day in business usually means you busted your behind and have nothing to show for it. Nobody has time for that, it’s not fun, and that is not why we are here.

Do you want to know the only way to really climb that ladder of success and to finally get you working ON your business and not IN your business? 

It’s plain and simple.  We are talking about people, people!

Entrepreneur Advice #3: Why Great Success Requires a Full Table and the Three Types of People You Want Sitting There

I am in no way saying that you cannot be successful all on your own. People have done it, and people will continue to do it, BUT the right people around you will help you get it done quickly, and to be honest, good people around you make the journey a lot more fun. [and who doesn’t love that?]

Okay, but who are these so-called people?  We thought you’d never ask.

1. Mentors

You need someone ahead of you and has experience in your area of expertise. This will come in handy to help you avoid the pitfalls and, even better than that, challenge you to think bigger and broader. A mentor will keep you accountable for the things you say you are going to do and they will help you to start thinking like a leader.

2. Peers:

As a business owner, it is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people that are trying to achieve similar levels of success as you. Growth is a desire, and it is something that they are actively working on. These are your people. Stay close to them. 

They are beside you and in the same arena as you. They provide a different frame of reference while you are working through your business, and they can share what’s working and not working. This community will encourage new ideas and thought processes.  

3. People That Are Smarter Than You:

Most of the time, successful entrepreneurs recall inviting someone to their table that knew more than they did as one of the scariest decisions they have had to make in business.

What’s even cooler? Those same people said it paid off BIG TIME!

They busted through new milestones in business because they surrounded themselves with smarter people with the same goal and vision.

At the end of the day, you know what needs to be done in your business, and you need people at your table that are as excited as you are about what you are trying to achieve. That is what will make you and your business better. Goodbye burnout, hello success.

We understand the importance of a community surrounding you on your entrepreneurial journey, which is why we created Your Biz Rules Collaborative Community. We have a team of entrepreneurs who are each in different stages and industries waiting to share their entrepreneur advice with you. They can all offer valuable advice to help you grow your business by bouncing ideas off them, being supportive when you need it most, and sharing their knowledge with you and vice versa so that you can learn from their experience. 

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Why A Full Table is the Fastest Path to Success