Marketing and Sales For Entrepreneurs

Marketing and sales are the lifeline for every small business.  Get it right, and your business will be full of the perfect client and fulfilling work.  Get it wrong, and your business will have problems with producing enough revenue, troublesome clients and no clear way out.

Attracting GREAT Clients in your small business means working with clients who are a joy to work with, who has the problem that you solve, is looking for a solution and is willing to pay YOU for it.

How does one go about finding these rockstar clients? With carefully crafted marketing and sales that invite the right people into your business, guides them to an easy YES; and allows you to do the good work that you do.

This is the perfect place to perfect your marketing and sales skills so that you only work with the people you want to serve.

Attract Great Clients in Your Business with Better Marketing and Sales

What does 'attracting great clients' look like across your stages of business growth?

  • Cash Stability Growth Stage
  • Leverage Growth Stage
  • Expansion Growth Stage

The third stage of small business growth is the Expansion Growth Stage.  This is where, now that you have a well-oiled machine that produces great clients without you, you can be looking at expanding and scaling your business.  Your biggest marketing and sales focuses are:

  • Stress-testing your current systems for scalability
  • Training others to reproduce marketing and sales
  • Redefining your secret sauce for each expansion

What is your next best upleveling growth move?

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Sales Skills for Entrepreneurs

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