Now Appearing on the Audacity2Lead podcast, with Host Dayo Samuel.

Join us as we talk about bouncing back from failure and burnout.  Dayo and I offer some insight on coming back better and reigniting the growth in your business!
Dallas Small Business Coach appears on the Audacity 2 lead Podcast with Dayo Samuel


About the Audacity2Lead Podcast:

The Audacity2Lead podcast is the only podcast dedicated to helping you get focused, get started and be impactful.
Smart coaches and consultants predict the future, leverage platforms and their uniqueness. They model the strategies of industry leaders and innovators. You too can now lead with more influence and audacity taking advantage of the courage and insights Dayo Samuel provides here on Audacity2Lead.
If you are a leader, and seeking new ways to build your authority, and multiply your influence while doing what you are called to do, then this is the podcast for you.
Each episode provides inspiration, tips, steps, and strategies to help you develop a compelling message, a marketable product or program, and build your meaningful platform.

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