Is your bank account a little low? Looking for ideas to market your small business on a budget? Then watch this video…

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Today, we are going to talk about marketing your small business on a budget.
So if you’re watching this, you are probably looking at your bank account and wondering how you can get more dollars into it. Don’t fret – every business hits this point in their business.
I’m just here to make sure to don’t hang out too long here.
So get ready for that life jacket.
Here’s my secret to generating the fastest path to cash. Ready for it.
It’s called a circle of influence.
A circle of what??
Think of it this way. You know Kevin Bacon? Do you remember the game 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon?
This is a game you need to play in your business. But instead of trying to find Kevin Bacon – substitute your ideal client.
When most businesses network – you could go searching for your client. Chances are you’re going to hear this.
Or, you could look for the people connected to your clients.
Chances are, they have lots of potential clients for you – and you for them. Don’t you love a friend that gives gifts? Me too.
So, write down 10 other professionals that serve your ideal client. Then go develop mutually beneficial relationships with people who do business like you like to do business and also serve your ideal client.
You’ll only need 3 good relationships to see the needle more.
Advanced move here – the better you are at this, the quicker you are going to need more leveraged marketing strategies – because you are going to get really busy.
Save 10 – 15% of each sale so that you can invest in marketing to grow even more.
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Leslie Hassler
Business Coach
Dallas, Tx