Don’t let your bank account stop you from growing your business!  You can grow & market your small business on a budget with this growth hack!

I’m here to give you a quick guide to with marketing ideas and tips and strategies to make your small business marketing work.
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Today, we are continuing to talk about marketing your small business on a budget.
So if you’re watching this, you are probably looking at your bank account and wondering how you can get more dollars into it. Don’t fret – every business hits this point in their business.
I’m just here to make sure to don’t hang out too long here.
So get ready for that life jacket.
This is a bit more advanced than my other tips – meaning, it’s easier to use this if you have 2-3 years under your belt as a small business owner. Why is that?
Because you need some clients to make this happen.
I can hear you – why am I marketing to my past clients – they’ve already bought from me, they don’t want to hear from me, and besides I didn’t like them anyways.
Alrighty now, don’t let that little voice talk you out of this.
Here’s the rub. You’ve already spent time and money on marketing to get your clients in the first place, so why not maximize it?
Ok – I give you permission not to talk to the ones who weren’t a great fit for your business. And if your business is full of those peeps – we need to seriously have a talk – you’ve got other problems to fix first.
So how are you going to do this?
Pick up the phone and say hello.
Find out how they are doing, have something ‘new’ that you can share with them. And then based on that conversation be prepared to do one of two things…or better yet – do both.
1. Ask if there is anything you and your company could help them with?
2. Ask them if they know a friend or colleague that could use your services and would they mind referring you to them?
The hardest thing for myself and for you will be in the ask – so practice – ask your dog, your husband, your children, your cat – heck even the flowers if it means that you can become comfortable with the way the words come out of your mouth. Just ask.
You’ll get some no’s, and you’ll also get a few yes. And the yes’s are the needle in the haystack you’re looking for.
Be sure to leave every conversation on an upbeat tone – so the next time you touch base – they will be looking forward to it.