It is time to get serious.
We help you figure out how to grow

 your service business to be more stable, successful, and profitable.

Welcome to a new way of business consulting for smart women business owners who need a budget friendly option to transform their business from the feast and famine rollercoaster to consistent and steady work and revenue. If you are looking to grow your service business in a way that feels good and achievable, see our options for working together.

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We have 3 ways to help you grow your service business.

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Small Business Growth Coach Leslie Hassler

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I don't believe in magical formulas, but we do have a process.  In fact, it is one of the ways that working with Leslie is different than other coaches and consultants. We take the time to get to know you, your business and where you want to grow your small business, so that we can make the choose those strategies and tactics with the greatest chance of success.  Here are just of the few areas we can work on together.

How We Help Grow Your Service Business

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Put the systems, technology and process in place so that you can manage your business as the CEO and focusing on the strategic moves that will move the needle in your business. 

Metrics Designed to Help You Grow

Identify profitability, KPIs and your business dashboard that helps you know how healthy your business is and where it is growing, or needing attention. No more surprises here.

Prevent Problems, Be Empowered

How to find the natural patterns in your small business so your team can prevent problems and be empowered to take ownership in what they do.

Get The Easiest Growth You've Ever Known

Identify & develop your custom secret scaling formula using The Profitable Path Method™ to get easiest growth you've ever realized.

Stop Reacting, Start Leading

Unlock your leadership and confidence to stop being reactive and start stepping into your strategic role in the business.

Gain Clarity In Marketing & Sales 

Refine your marketing message and sales process so more of the RIGHT clients come to you, more reliably.

Since joining the Mastermind group, I’ve gained much more confidence as a business owner. I am better able to recognize what I’m currently doing well, have learned where I have holes in which I need additional support to fill, and have gotten direction on where I need to go to take my business to the next level. 

It was a big decision for me to join the mastermind because of the financial commitment. The old saying that you have to spend money to make money often does ring true in business and I’m glad I took a chance with my investment.

Julie Godfrey 

Plano Barcode Fitness Studio

I call Leslie the 'Shark' of Dallas. If you put her suggestions to use, you won’t be leaving “money on the table.” 

She will design a step-by-step plan with customized ideas for your business to increase profit margins.

She’ll even tell you which ideas are priority and which ideas can wait a few months, so you won’t leave feeling overwhelmed but rather empowered to make some profit-generating improvements. She’s the best!

Michelle Summerall

Build Your Business with Leslie. I've known Leslie long enough to realize she knows what she's talking about when it comes to helping entrepreneurs grow their business. However, when she first approached me about joining the Mastermind, I was very nervous about the financial commitment and the fact I was going to be very vulnerable in front of other business owners.

Well, I decided to take the plunge 9 months ago, and I am oh-so glad I did. I've earned my investment back and have four other people also earning a paycheck.

Not only does Leslie challenge me to take the painful steps to grow, but the other Mastermind members are incredibly helpful and supportive of me and my business. 

Misty Hoyt

Photography By Misty

Which option is right for growing your service business?

Most of our clients have never worked with a coach or consultant in their small business and feel cautious about taking that first step.  Here are some of the ways to determine if our small business consulting services is right for you and your business.

Business Size

Your small business is between $75 K to $300 K in revenue and you have a desire for more.  Your team may be just yourself, or comprised of a few other people.

Looking for a Partner or Guide

You are looking for a partnership that has open communication, mutual responsibility and an positive 'let's knock this out of the park' mentality. We work hand-in-hand with you.

Desire Impact

You have a strong desire to have a positive impact on your employees, your family and your community.  Achieving your goals is about more than money, it is about the good you can do with it.

Called to More

You are ambitious and used to being successful.  You desire to have a business that can grow in a healthy, profitable way without working yourself to death.

Ready for Change

You are open to implementing new ideas, innovation and solutions in your business even if it is out of your comfort zone.

You Believe It is Possible

You are generally a 'glass half-full' type of person.  You still believe in the goodness of people and the potential have in your business.

Let's Get The Ball Rolling

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