The Secret To Consistently Hyper Scaling Your Company, Regardless Of Industry Shifts

Executive consulting to scale your business, accelerate profits and engage your team to take more ownership in your small business.


Strategy and a talented team alone will not scale your business.

Not even if you’re passionate about what you’re doing or the direction you’re going.

It takes more than strategy, talent, and passion to keep business booming and to keep competitors from eclipsing your market share.

To actually make it for the multi-generational long haul, you MUST KNOW your special scalable profits formula.

Executive Consulting for Small Business Growth

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A unique scalable formula

Every company has a unique, special formula for creating scalable profits that increase their level of success.

If you DON’T know what your special formula is, you’ll experience:

  • 1
    Slowed business growth with lagging sales and dwindling profits
  • 2
    Serious cash flow issues leading to practices like putting your team’s salary on a credit card and praying you make it up in next month’s sales
  • 3
    Not to mention, the disengagement glaze taking over your team’s eyes, which means they’re disconnecting from their work and becoming increasingly ineffective

These are the tell tale signs that your company has entered a SERIOUS DANGER ZONE!

If you’re experiencing one or more of these right now, you NEED to pay attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Most companies rely on the OLD strategic planning, a talented team, and consistent sales to grow their business.

But that logic is misguided.

It sounds good, but this approach doesn’t take into account all of the factors that your business needs for you to: 

  • Actually scale, so you can increase bottom line profit (which means more cash)
  •  The way you solve a common problem.

Your niche is either the solution, or your niche is the process by which you offer the solution. Not both.

This was a revelation for me as the owner my first business, an interior design firm where custom work was the norm. (More on that later.)

Your delivery may look wildly different for each client or customer, but in a service business where you succeed at helping people with a creative solution, you’re repeating the same old steps.

It sounds good, but this approach doesn’t take into account all of the factors that your business needs for you to: 

  • Actually scale, so you can increase bottom line profit (which means more cash)
  • Bolster efficiency, so your company can get more done, in less time and with less stress on your team
    (which means happier, healthier team members with less burnout) AND
  • Inspire your people to work in the business as if it were their own, so you can build a team that’s emotionally invested in the success of the business (which means more team engagement and effort)

Strategic planning, a talented team, and consistent sales won’t get you any of those things.

The truth is, you’ve been fed a lie that these old processes and standards will keep working—just like they did 20 years ago.

But today, my friend, times have CHANGED!

You don’t create more cash flow from the old strategic planning methods without your team understanding the unique, natural cycles and patterns your business goes through.

You don’t create a more efficient and productive team through task delegation without careful attention to culture.

And you definitely don’t inspire emotional buy in and loyalty from your team without proper leadership and processes with emotional awareness.

If you want to scale exponentially (AND PROFITABLY!) so you can reward and keep your team members, invest further in the company, and gain important market share (even when the market changes), then you’re going to need to do things differently.

You might need executive consulting for your small business

Multiple studies show that there are three major things hurting companies today and causing them to fail. Those are:

  • Market shifts. Now the need your market has is different (which means you’re in danger of becoming irrelevant quickly if you don’t learn how to adapt)
  • Cash running out (which means no way to keep going and not being able to make investments in the things you need!)
  • Not having the right team (which means you’re consistently missing the mark in multiple areas of the business)

Having these three things on point are VITAL pillars to your company’s success.

Without being adaptable to market shifts, having the right team, and having cash on hand to stabilize the company, you turn your company into a landmine, ready to self-destruct at any moment.

The trick is understanding how to set the company up to have these three must haves in place (word to the wise: it’s NOT easy!).

How do you stay relevant to your market so you can grow demand for your product or service, create enough cash to support the business, and ensure you’ve got the right people in the right positions?

Executive Consulting = You bring in the ultimate secret weapon.

A business scaling consultant who can show you exactly what your unique scalable profits formula is and guide your team to implement it (AKA: ME!)  

It’s not just one thing that makes a difference in moving your company forward.

It’s the right orchestration of pieces in your business, moving and working together, with the right timing to create your symphony of scaling success.

Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out alone. 

It is about the right insight, not the right way.

All you need is the RIGHT insight that can help you get everyone in your company rowing in the right direction, with the right vision, to take the right (PROFITABLE) actions!

But that’s hard to do when you don’t know what those things are or where to start.

The truth is, there’s no ONE RIGHT WAY to do this because every company is different.

Which makes scaling even harder, because there’s a wealth of opportunities in front of you and you don’t know which things to choose and when. 

It takes you out of being in tune with your company, and true scaling comes to a halt because you either don’t know what to do or you’re trying too many things at once.

It’s exhausting! 

More than that, scalable change is not just assigning new tasks, installing a few ping pong tables and massage chair Wednesdays, and cutting the weak links from the group. 

High performing teams are a side effect of proper culture, systems, and mindset.

Increased sales are a side effect of relevant and pivotable marketing messages, plus audience captivation.

And scaling profits are a side effect of emotionally engaged teams for company success, as well as the identification and understanding of your company’s unique patterns and cycles.

All of this means doing things differently, thinking about things differently, and feeling about things differently.

But here’s the problem...

When companies rely on their internal team alone to make these changes, they often fail because:

  • The team members are stuck in old patterns of thinking
  • They’re relying on hunches and…
  • They’re grasping at straws

This cripples forward motion and innovation. People are BUILT & WIRED to stick to what they know, and your internal team is no different.

Luckily, you don’t have to be one of those companies.

The new way to strategically scale your business

The NEW way of strategic scaling is here to help you uncover your company’s distinct scalable profit formula for team loyalty and exponential cash flow.

It’s time to infuse new life and vitality into your company so you can step into the next phase of industry leadership.

If you want your company to bring in significantly more cash flow with a high performing team that’s loyal and dedicated to your vision, then it’s time to do things differently.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Leslie Hassler, and I’ve spent over 12 years mastering business, finances, leadership, pattern recognition, and emotional intelligence. I specialize in providing executive consulting service that create the systems, processes, and cultures they need to hyper scale for cash-rich, bottom line profits.

Businesses, corporations, and leaders hire me to uncover exactly what they need to do to turn slowing sales into a distant memory and unlock the secrets to increased cash flow, team retention, and customer obsession.


Leslie Hassler

It’s time to stop trying to solve company problems by increasing sales…

Which often strangles cash flow and promotes employee burnout (if you don’t have the other pieces of your secret scalable profit formula in place).

You need a comprehensive, custom approach to your company that sets you up for scaling success.

That’s why I’m here—to help you create a full strategic system utilizing your unique scalable profit formula.

If you’re looking to:

  • Increase your cash flow and bottom line profits without overworking your team
  • Create a culture that promotes high performance, a unified vision, and emotional intelligence so that your team is highly engaged, giving the company their all
  • Gain more market share and survive industry upsets that leave your competitors dazed and confused, while your company is thriving
  • Grow your team’s skills so they learn to see the market pivots before they happen and know when to shift the right pieces in the company so that you can continue to hyper scale over time
  • And so much more

​Then you’re going to want to listen closely.

Uncovering your secret scalable profit formula will show you and your team exactly what needs to change to have the greatest (and FASTEST!) effects.

How visionary companies meet exponential scaling and performance

Introducing...The Profitable Path Method™ for Scaling Rich™

Where visionary companies meet exponential scaling & performance.

The Profitable Path Method™ is all about discovering the unique systems, processes, and culture in your company that magnetizes your audience, makes you stand out among your competition, scales your cash flow, and brings in massive profits, so you stop wondering where the money goes and start focusing on the influence and impact the company is gaining.

In short, the Profitable Path Method™ transforms your company’s current challenges into legacy building stepping stones that stand the test of time.

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