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How To Rebound Your Business After the Dog Days Of Summer

By Leslie Hassler

August 2, 2016

Small Business Motivation

rebound your business after summer These dog days of summer are upon us. The kids are starting to realize that summer isn’t going to last forever, and maybe you’re squeezing in one last trip to catch every sweet drop of these hazy, lazy days.
Meanwhile, your work ethic may seem to be lounging around, too! If you’re an at-home mom, as I am, your phone may be ringing less, and you’re getting up later and later. Maybe you’re spending  evenings enjoying the long days out on the back porch with the neighbors. Or you missed the last small business meet-up because you were taking the kids to camp or out on the lake. Hey, I get it, summer is wonderful!

But you know when it’s time to rebound your business.

Now, this post doesn’t apply if you’re in one of those seasonal industries where the summer months bring intensity to your workload. Any business related to pools, landscaping, wedding services, bed and breakfasts, etc. is hopping right now, and you may be longing for a brief break!
But if you’re in a business or corporate industry (in North America, at least), perhaps you’re itching for action again. Vacay is nice, but it’s time to snap to it!
Are you ready for the rev-up that comes with the start of September? Are you anticipating a slow ramping up before you’re in full gear again? You’re not alone.
If business has fallen off a bit, it may be time to remind your clients that you exist, and that they need you more than ever!

Work that Shiny, New Back-to School Mindset

Think of how the fall can be a rejuvenating time of year, and frame your services or products toward that mindset most school kids have on the first day of school. A lot of people remember what it was like to start the year with a new lunchbox and new shoes. No matter what your industry, you can transfer that feeling into your marketing and let your customers envision a spiffed-up version of whatever it is you offer.

Reconnect to Be of Service

If they haven’t heard from you in awhile it could be time to remind clients and customers that you’re back and better than ever. Chances are, both you and your customer have been “out of the office” a few too many times to count. Not uncommon.
Now is the time to send a re-connection email inviting them to lunch, a networking event you both share, or send an article that made you think of them. (You can always forward them my article on mid-year goals. I’m happy to share!) Whichever way you reach out, an email, a phone call, a quick message on LinkedIn, a quick reminder of what you do (or what you’ve been up to) should jog their memory and keep you top of mind.

Tread Gently

One final tip for getting back in the saddle after the summer slow-down, especially in a B2B environment: Understand that your customer may be just getting back to speed after a slow summer or vacation of her own. Don’t be that gunner who drives everyone away with your enthusiasm. Just because you may be anxious to get back to business, others may be recovering from their much-needed time off, and not exactly champing at the bit to return phone calls and emails.
You know there are two types of people in the world, those who sigh deeply, and dig in slowly; and those chipper others (usually morning people, by the way) who always seem to exude positivity and are ready for anything. Try to respect both Type A and Type B people, and you’ll never eat alone, as they say.
marketing quick fix needed to rebound your business?

Leslie Hassler

About the author

Leslie Hassler is a popular author and speaker who spends much of her time coaching business owners on how to run their growing businesses by their rules. Delivering high-touch, personalized service, Leslie works with her clients as a partner, not just a consultant (who would pop in, tell you what to do, then leave).

Leslie teaches her clients a structured way to decide what to do first, second, next -- and never – in their businesses, so that they can learn to do it for themselves. Leslie lives in Dallas with her husband and two kids, so she knows it’s not just about growing the business – it’s about getting the business ship shape so it grows and you can be home in time for dinner.

Leslie speaks on topics such as business leadership, prioritizing the business owner’s To Do list, and how to create and implement a strategic plan for growth.

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