Why every service business is on a quest to get more clients

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Why every service business is on a quest to get more clients


Hi, have you noticed that there are a couple of holy grails out there in business. I thought I talked a little bit of this, earlier about what we searched for that’s holy grail. You know, that you, maybe it’s your, the best chicken and waffles, maybe it’s about sunset, maybe it’s the best steak, the best hamburger, you know, the holy grail, the, the epitome of something. I thought about this today as we talk about small businesses and especially small service based businesses because the holy grail is to get more clients, right?

Why is getting MORE clients the quest that small businesses go on?

Now I will say a couple things. First of all, you need clients. I’m not saying you don’t need clients. What I’m saying is, is if you always are on this holy grail kind of quest for clients, there’s probably some other things going on in your business that you’re not aware of.

And that’s what I want to talk about. We’re gearing up or probably be doing a workshop in June, July, that’s all on getting more clients and not just getting more clients, people getting great clients that people you love to work with and people who love to work with you. In this workshop we’re going to be talking to, leading up to that workshop about all the different pieces and parts that really go into carefully crafting and attracting great clients.

Well it’s not about getting more clients, it’s about attracting great clients and there’s a different energy that comes along with that.#yourbizrules#Why every service business is on a quest to get more clients

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Are you ready to make that switch?

Most people say I need to get more clients. Well it’s not about getting more clients, it’s about attracting great clients and there’s a different energy that comes along with that. Today if we just talk about why this is a question I thought I always start off with, I always love going back to the dictionary and probably one of the only people that has a dictionary.com as a bookmark on their web browser.

I wanted to look up quest and here’s the definition of quest.

A long or arduous search for something.

Wow, that sounds like a whole heck of a lot of work for not getting what it is you’re looking for, and I think that’s why people focus on getting more clients because they’re not getting what they’re looking for because they’re looking for the wrong thing.

If you look about this and if you’re always on this quest for more and more and more and better, better and better, and while you should be improving, and you should have a client funnel, you shouldn’t need a ton of clients. You shouldn’t need for everybody in the world to be your client in order to be profitable, in order to meet your financial goals, in order to be growing, and so if look at probably why, if you’re on that never-ending quest for clients like that’s always number one priority in the book.

There’s probably a couple of things going on.

1.The first is that you do not have a system.

You do not have a system that produces clients, great clients reliably, predictably, right? Yes. Clients should be one of your primary focuses, but if you’re growing through your business and you’re taking your business through those stages of growth, eventually clients isn’t the primary focus. That’s that startup focus to have, but when you get into building leverage and you get into expanding in a business, it’s not the primary focus anymore because you can count on the fact that your business has created a system and engine that generates clients so that you can work on more leveraged things in your business. And the second thing, oh, I love this. I have my notes down here, which is why I was looking at this. Think of it this way.

Are you a hunter mode for clients? Like you’re always having to go out and find clients and if you don’t find clients you don’t eat as that kind of hunter mindset, right? Whatever you want to eat, you better go find out and get and if you don’t get it, then you don’t have any food. I think of that is as being one of those mindsets. It’s always about getting more clients versus being a cultivator and a harvester. So meaning that you have plenty, right?

You’re able to get the critical mass that you want to be able to serve people as deeply as you want to write, but there’s a different energy in between those two. Those two ways of looking at it. So I’d rather get you out of this hunter see food, kill food, eat food kind of mode and get you into a cultivator and harvester that you’re actually getting clients not just today but tomorrow and the next month and the next year you can have a pipeline, you can see your pipeline that’s even more exciting.

If all you’re ever worried about getting more clients who don’t have a system to generate clients, you haven’t perfected the process to be able to do that or as my Canadian fence would say, ‘process’, be able to do that.

2.The second part is, and this is really one of these areas that makes business hard, is your business isn’t set up to generate repeat purchases from clients within a given time period, generally a year.

That they buy from you, not just once, but again, and again. Look, marketing is expensive; marketing, it can be time consuming and budget consuming and it is one of those things that take time. By the time somebody comes into your business, are you leaving money on the table because of how you’ve set up your business, how you deliver your product, how you ask for the next sale?

This, if your clients are not buying from you more than once in a given year, you’ve been a very hard business model because you’re always having to find new, always having to find new. And there’s ways to fix that, to still have happy clients, to still get paid for the value that you provide, but actually promote more of a long-term relationship with their clients. Not a one and done right?

That, that’s just, that’s just hard. Hard.

So if you’re in a one and done, people don’t buy from you again because they don’t need to buy from you again or you haven’t offered them the next option, then you’re probably always in that trap.

3.The third part that usually tells me if there’s a primary focus and get more clients, that harsh focus, right, is that you’re probably trading time for money meaning that you’re charging hourly or you’re charging at a rate that’s so low that you have to produce at a high volume in order to be profitable in order to, to make some money.

And let’s face it, guys, why else are you in business, if not to generate a profit and an income for yourself, it’s OK. That’s what business is!

If you think about that, if you’re coming into this one, chances are you’re not charging for the value. You’re charging from time.

"And I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet, but you can’t work any harder. You can’t work more."

That’s one of the cruxes about service-based businesses and how people get things wrong is when they are sitting there and they’re busy bees, I mean, they are cranking it and they’re going and they’re working long hours and they’re giving it at all and they’re doing really great work and their bank account doesn’t show it. That’s hard. That’s why you always need more clients, get more clients, get to get more clients, got to get more clients.

I mean, it just has a negative energy. and that gets soul wearing guys a really does get so wearing, and can help, can cause you to lose your motivation and your drive to be able to do the work that you do. I hope, you know, if that’s your case, if you’re, if you’re always thinking about get got to get more clients gotta, get gotta get. I want you to really think about why it is that you need more clients.

"Do you need to just be generating clients more consistently?

Do you need a better system?

Do you need to have a product funnel so that you know what to offer to people so that you’re not leaving money on the table?"

Which means that you’re getting back your return on investment from marketing, these are all hallmarks, every really good service based business, and when that set up to be able to grow, If you’ve got one of those problems, let me know.

Shoot me a message, a happy to chat with you or have one of our team members chat with you to see if we can help you grow your business and really get things back on the right track so that you can choose who you work with. They don’t have to choose you. That’s kind of the fun part, right? It’s getting to work with great people to do great work.

So that’s it for today guys. I hope you’re having a profitable week. This has been Leslie Hasler or coaching from the Carpool and there’s always, you can find me over your biz rules for Your Business Rules Business coaching. Thanks so much and we’ll see you next time.

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